New Installation with existing Smarthome

Following Situation:
Nearly 50 Zwave devices (20 permanent, 30 Battery) are in our Home.

I want to transfer the old Smarthome to openhab. By the way using Zwave plus with all devices Support it.

With Zwave plus the devices has to be very near at the Controller while including. Later the Smarthome should run on an ubuntu Server (openhab allready installed and Running for Tests)

Now i got the idea to put the Controller Stick to my Windows Laptop to include all devices without uninstall them out of walls to bring them to the Controller.

Questions: can i include the devices with another Software to Build up the Network and after that configure openhab on ubuntu to the Stick?

What Things i have to note? Same ThingID and Security Key? Will that work?

If not, will that work with openhab2 installed on my Laptop? Are there and configuration Field to Transfer, or can i include all and then search the Things in the inbox under Paperui?

Yes, the information gets saved to the controller. Some USB controllers, like the Aeons have a battery and button that lets you just take the controller to the device and press the button to include.

However, for devices that use the Security Command Class, you must include the device using OH because the security part is actually implemented in the binding.

For the battery powered devices, you will have to wake them up, sometimes several times, to give the binding a chance to interrogate them and learn what they are.

I don’t understand the question. I suppose you can set the security key in the binding config to the same as what you are using now. But you don’t really need to since you are transferring the devices from Smarthome to a new USB controller if I understand correctly.

That question was in context of other Software. :wink: before asked the question i did a First try:

Reset zme_uzb1 with zensys Tool on windows pc, included two devices, and bring the Stick back to openhab on Server.

Configured the Stick there and Same Time i got two devices at inbox. (One battery, one permanent power)

Both only shown as Node and unknown device.

That was the reason to ask.

You say normaly that should work.

Well, aeon Stick with battery allready ordered. Sems to be Most comfortable way :wink:

Thanks for Support.

Next step will be configure minimal items files for fast Renaming all devices. :wink: until now i find out to usw. node_id=x, zwave_nodeid=x because only one got errors during read them. Bit thats another story and i found the acceptance of this Bug in the Forum :wink: