New iOS app 2.0.0 not connecting to local server, only remotely

After having realised that the openHAB iOS app has been updated to 2.0.0 for me it now only seems to connect through the remote URL, even though I’m connected to my local notwork and my local details haven’t changed. iOS 10.3.3.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Sorry to piggy back on your thread.

I also had some trouble with the new update (2.0.0): the app would not launch (click on OH icon to launch app, see splash screen, wait few seconds, crash back to Springboard. iPhone SE on 11.1.2. OH 2.0.0 behind an nginx reverse proxy.)

A reinstall of the application fixed it, but I obviously had to set local/remote url again.

I do not know if I can connect to the local url, as I am away from home (and will be til the end of this week.) You might want to try to reinstall the application ?

Just to confirm, this is also happening on a device with iOS 11.1.2 :frowning:

mine is also crashing on 11.1.2. iPhone 6s

I don’t have any crashing issues, but 2.0.0 definitely doesn’t connect to the local server (1.8.3), deleting and reinstalling didn’t make any difference, but when entering the settings again and leaving the remote URL blank, only entering the local URL, it gives an error message - “Can’t connect to server as there is not remote URL specified”

So back to the old version until this has been fixed :frowning:

Mine does not want to connect to local URL also. Remote works fine. Iphone 6, 11.1.2

When I start the app NEW (not from the cache), I have also such problems.
Is it possible to downgrade to the older version?
Could you please revoke the version 2.0.0 from the app store?

I can’t connect if I’m on another wifi. If I turn wifi off it connects to the remote URL, and if I am at home, it connects to the local URL. But if I am somewhere else and on wifi, it doesn’t connect.


for me now it works with a workaround.
For local URL, I do not use http://IP-address:8080, I use http://localDNSname:8080.

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So solution for me was to reinstall the app, input remote url only and the local url is discovered by the app automatically.