New Leviton devices via some existing binding?

I’m new to openHAB and home automation, but used to be a developer so I’ll catch on eventually.

I just installed several new Leviton Decora dimmers, and there’s no binding for them - they’re cloud-based.

One enterprising fellow has a Python script and OH rule that can log on to Leviton. I could try that, but here’s my question:

OpenHAB has a binding for the SmartThings hub, and SmartThings can use a MyLeviton account to control devices. I don’t know what the SmartThings binding does, but could I link my Leviton account to Smartthings, and then use the SmartThings hub to control those devices from openHAB?

Almost certainly the answer is yes. The point of the binding is to allow for the interaction with devices connected to the SmartThings hub.