New Login Screen after Setup of the latest Snapshot openHAB 2.4.0 Build #1386

After a long time with the latest Stable 2.3 Version i want to test some Things with the latest snapshot.

Now there is a new login screen wenn i want to start OH 2.4.0 in Safari, but i don’t know the username und password and i even don’t know where to set it up?

See this thread…

Thanks for pointing me on that, i’ll wait till a new snapshot is available.

*** Sorry, just found the link above to the other thread. ***

This just hit me too.

I’m locked out of my environment. We need to get some eyes on this @kai, I looked for an announcement and other information threads.

The latest Nightly appears to have security enabled in some way, or a developers credentials enabled which is prompting for login.

I can log into the console with the default user/pass combo. I cannot log into the HABPanel either.

Not sure where to go next.