New microwave needed

Hi there

The microwave just flashed and went bang time for a new one

Any recommendations for one that can be integrated into a smart home ? And available in the UK

The Alexa microwave isn’t available here

What would be the benefit of integrating it? I guess you’d still need to open it yourself and put stuff in and out :slight_smile:

If anything maybe just a Sonoff POW to monitor it’s power consumption and turn it on/off when not in use?


On a slightly different note, we received a Bluetooth enabled coffee machine as a gift.

The idea sounds good, but I still need to go to the machine, put a pod in and pour the milk into the jug, so we just don’t use the timer functionality.

The machine allows you to customise the pour time, but I can do that while standing at the machine, so again the feature just isn’t used

Not what you asked but just wanted to share my experience


its not that I would benefit really its just that it seems a shame not to integrate when I have the opportunity

I know about it its like an oven right!
Where we can preserve food to get ready.