New-one zwave outlet plug energy monitor not recognized

I purchased these outlet plugs:
They appear in OH but are shown as unknown device; no channels.

Full manual:

Is there some way I can manually add channels or something else I can do to make these outlets work?

Please note that your device is a N4001, not a N4003 as your link to the manual might imply.

Manual for N4001:

My device is a N4003. Literally says so right on the backside of both outlets above the FCC ID. What lead you to believe I have a N4001? The PDF I linked above is the same as the printed manual that came in the box, except they tried to witeout the word “outdoor” with a sticker.

Found the N4001

I guess I can duplicate this one, fix the model number and add the extra parameters and add to OH?



not in Z-Wave Alliance database(?)

Your device is:
44033:16387 = 0xAC01:0x4003

Sorry for the confusion, I was simply wrong. Your device is a N4003.

N4001 (0xAC01:0x4001) is in the Z-Wave database (OH 3.3.0M1+).

Please compare the manuals for N4001 and N4003. If there are no differences, the only thing to get your device supported is to add AC01:4003 to the database entry (‘References:’) for N4001 (just follow @rpwong 's link to the Z-Wave database guide).

If N4001 and N4003 have different Z-Wave parameters (I think so)/association groups/command classes, a new device must be created in the Z-Wave database.

I have the 0xAC01:0x4002, which is also in the database, and I am still getting “Unknown Device”. I updated to OpenHAB 3.4.2, removed and re-added the Thing and still no effect.

Any suggestions?

Are you sure? I cannot find it in the OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database.

I was looking at the wrong database I guess:

I will submit an entry.

Hmmm… The guide says there should be a button to submit a new entry, but I do not see it

Here’s the OpenHAB Node XML
network_e0150993__node_13.xml (8.2 KB)

Did you open a ticket to get write access & was it approved?

I opened a ticket requesting the new device be added and attached the OpenHAB Node XML. Hopefully that will be good enough.

Unlikely, but hope springs eternal.

It is a community updated DB and the admin is extremely busy. Besides the xml you need to manually add parameters and association groups from the manual.

It looks like from the xml there should be 2 Association groups