New-one zwave outlet plug energy monitor not recognized

I purchased these outlet plugs:
They appear in OH but are shown as unknown device; no channels.

Full manual:

Is there some way I can manually add channels or something else I can do to make these outlets work?

Please note that your device is a N4001, not a N4003 as your link to the manual might imply.

Manual for N4001:

My device is a N4003. Literally says so right on the backside of both outlets above the FCC ID. What lead you to believe I have a N4001? The PDF I linked above is the same as the printed manual that came in the box, except they tried to witeout the word “outdoor” with a sticker.

Found the N4001

I guess I can duplicate this one, fix the model number and add the extra parameters and add to OH?



not in Z-Wave Alliance database(?)

Your device is:
44033:16387 = 0xAC01:0x4003

Sorry for the confusion, I was simply wrong. Your device is a N4003.

N4001 (0xAC01:0x4001) is in the Z-Wave database (OH 3.3.0M1+).

Please compare the manuals for N4001 and N4003. If there are no differences, the only thing to get your device supported is to add AC01:4003 to the database entry (‘References:’) for N4001 (just follow @rpwong 's link to the Z-Wave database guide).

If N4001 and N4003 have different Z-Wave parameters (I think so)/association groups/command classes, a new device must be created in the Z-Wave database.