New Openhab app update empty site map!

Hi there,

Just woke up and opened openhab on my iPhone to discover it has auto updated during the night.

Unfortunately something broke, because it’s not working now. Returns the error “openhab returned empty sitemap list”. Indeed sitemap list appears empty.
Previous app working fine on the wife’s iPhone.

Anyone had this? Any ideas?

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Thanks, I’d already read that topic, but no useful info unfortunately.
Do I need to change anything on openhab itself? Reinstall the app?

Same issue here - only get an error message with “openhab returned empty sitemap list” after the installation of the new app.

Tried leaving the local URL empty for local auto discovery, with http…:8080 and https…:8443, all to no avail.

I have the same problem too. I’m running openHAB 1.8. The app does appear to connect to myopenhab OK because it recieves notifications from my openHAB instance. It just does not display the UI, presumably because no sitemap is available.

Any help much appreciated!

We’re all running openHAB 1.8, so that seems to be our problem here. I’ve sent a message to the developer, asking if the new iOS app is only compatible with openHAB 2 so far. Let’s hope a fix and compatibility for openHAB 1.8 is possible.

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I have the same problem, i updated and got the error message that my Sitemap list is empty?

Why not update to 2.0?

I’ve desperately tried with every point update to openHAB 2, but only with dissapointing success. Running on a Raspberry 3 my very large openHAB installation runs fine, apart from the recompilation of every rule with the first call after a restart. openHAB 2 on the same Raspberry 3 seems to have a larger memory/cpu footprint, so that my large open HAB files don’t run smoothly at all.

I’m running openHAB 2.0 and I see the same, “openHAB returned empty sitemap list.”

Same Problem here (iOS-App with openHAB 1.8) “… returned empty sitemap list” after update. :frowning:

OpenHAB 2 is no solution for me, tried it an startup takes 45 minutes and lots to adjust, most of my rules won‘t run anymore. Lot‘s of things definition does not work, tons of error message, give up after more than a week of try

Same Problem here (iOS-App with openHAB 2) “… returned empty sitemap list” after update. :frowning:

Same here for 2.5m2.

A github issue was filed allready:

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Dear all,
thank you for you involvement in solving the issues we need to address.

  1. For those that are on recent server versions speaking JSON, please try the latest beta on TestFlight. This beta addresses a bug on single _default sitemaps.
  2. For those that are on older XML speaking versions, please follow the conversation on GitHub or be a little patient.


While we all help debug this issue on this wonderful free software, can the old version be reinstated in the App store, or if not be made available via TestFlight so that my wife can turn the lights on again in our house :wink:

The same thing happens to me. I have not touched in Openhab 1.8 years because it works perfectly for me but today the ios app has been updated and has stopped working.

Error not finding Sitemap.

I have used the ios 2.1 version of testflight and it doesn’t work.


This is not a reasonable request.

  1. Apple is not going to allow apps written in Objective-C on their App store forever. It had to be ported to Swift.

  2. openHAB is constantly moving forward and the app needs to keep up with changes made to the openHAB server.

For all the people running OH 1.8 because they tried to migrate to openHAB 2 and failed, did you ask for help? Did you file issues? If you had problems and kept quiet, how are we supposed to know about and fix them?


FWIW my iOS app 2.1 update went fine and is working very well. I am running OpenHAB 2.4 as. Docker. Thanks to the developers for porting this to Swift and modernizing the code base and features.

I agree. If @litris and others wants to stay on old 1.8 codebase they can put effort in maintaining the old version their selves. Or upgrade (with help of community forum) .

I applaud for the time and effort @timbms and others put into this to get this app future proof so others can also contribute more easily.