New Openhab app update empty site map!

Can you upload the previous version to TestFlight?

The one that works properly.

Thank you.

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Another vote for the previous version to be reinstated, perhaps under a different name or via TestFlight, please. I lost control of a good part of my home because of this unexpected update.

I have no resources to redesign/rewrite my rules for OH 2, wish it was backwards compatible with 1.8. Migration failed miserably. 1.8 works very well.

Many thanks for your help.

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The version. In the App Store and the version in test flight both work for me. I am on 2.5m1.

Not sure it helps, but it works.

Second this!

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Okay, let’s agree to disagree.
You think that we (today) have no options.
I think we do.
BTW, I’m not complaining, I’m proposing.

+1 for the old app under another name if possible… please? :slight_smile:


I do not complain either but it turns out that this version does not work with OH 2 either

I disagree, It worked perfect with my version of openhab2.5m1.

Can more details of what’s not working be posted I can test further?

Please read above and in the GIT you will see that the version that is now in the applestore does not work in 1.8 in 2 in 2.3 etc.

You have just used the latest version of OH the rest we follow with the one we have in control of our home.

And the AppleStore version does not work error sitemap.

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Philips now has 3 hue apps out. One for Bridge V1, one for Bridge V2 (the current one) and one new for bridgeless (Bluetooth) operation. So I don’t think Apple would have an issue with two versions of the app. I can’t comment on the Objective-C topic, but as long as Apple allows, the old App could be kept.

Since I am also a contributor to an open source project and at times contribute here as well (some ZWave database maintenance, tutorials) I know the amount of time every contributor invests. At the same time acceptance is an issue.
And incidents like this don’t add acceptance. It is true, Openhab 2 is out for quite some time. But I can understand users being still on 1.8. It just works. An upgrade is a major project which has the potential to bring the family acceptance factor sub-zero. Openhab restarts are not funny, it takes about 10 minutes (other report up to 45) for a restart and in my setup during this time the light switches won’t work. Not an issue for me, but for my family and thus an issue.
Issues decrease acceptance and on the long term decreasing acceptance leads to decreasing relevance. My impression is that the Openhab team wants to be relevant and because of that I have decided to use Openhab.

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+1 for the old app under another name!

this is a common practice, effort should be minimal, don’t see any reason why not to do it…

BTW I don’t see any mention by Apple of rejecting Objective-C apps, my guess is Objective-C apps will be allowed for years to come.

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I think a tutorial on how others can do the same would be very useful, if you are willing to write it up. It may not help those who didn’t take the right precautions up front, but it can tell users what they can do to avoid problems when there are similar problems in the future.

There is a new version 2.1.4(24) in the Appstore.
Major issues should be resolved


Unless someone has a spare computer with the version of iTunes (12.6.5 -, which still supports the app store and app installtions to iOS, it will be tricky. With that set up though, and a regular backup routine, it’s as easy as reimporting an older version of an app into iTunes and installing it again on your iOS device, after having deleted any problematic new version.

I still experienced the problem with openHAB 2.5 and version 2.1.4 of the iOS app, but it turns out I was missing the “label” tag in my sitemap definition:

With the label tag added everything works fine now, thanks!

@timbms: 2.1.4 fixed the “Empty sitemap” error for me (openHAB 2.0.0-1). Thank you for your hard work on the app and especially the super-fast help for the user base of the outdated oH versions.
Much appreciated!


Thank you.
The rewrite exercise in Swift was indeed way more effort than expected. :thinking:
We got start a whole new philosophical thread about motivation to invest your spare time in an open-source initiative. :joy:


Thank you, this has fixed my v1.8 issue locally. Still have ssl issues (see other post) but I can get round this for now.

Hello @timbms and all other contributors,

first of all thanks to you that you spent effort and time to

a.) create an update for the IOS app
b.) fixing the actual issue in short time and with quick responses to feedback

I (and for sure many others) highly appreciate this.

I just like to add - and this is fully independent of this IOS OpenHAB related App.
It is related to the complete home automation story:

After a while people get used to it. They use the system and the app may every day without recognizing it anymore. If it does’t work family members get upset. It is very similar to a non working internet. We do all a lot with it and feel very often quiet uncomfortable once it is not woking (even if it is only for hours).

This shows how important some of this things really are and how sensitive all that is. (no pressure :wink: )

Thanks again for fixing it fast.


I fully subscribe to what you are writing. openHAB is turning into a critical tool in many homes and offices. We need to ensure that all versions are given proper consideration.
If we take a decision to discontinue the support of an old version we must communicate this clearly and openly.

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