New openHAB2 Binding for Nuki Smart Locks

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(Manuel) #122

Found the solution on my own.
The smartlock id that is shown when calling the API via Browser has to be converted to hexadecimal. Now the callbacks are working as intended.

(Jens Bruckmann) #123


I’ve the Nuki working here for nearly 3 years now without any problems. Until now it was integrated into OH2 with a little python script via supervisord.
Now I wanted to change to the Nuku binding. Everything seems to work perfect (lock, unlock, unlatch) but callbacks don’t work here either. Status in the Items via Nuki binding don’t change the status while the “old” items via supervisord still do.

Callback-URL was set up correctly by the binding.

{"callbacks": [{"id": 0, "url": ""},{"id": 1, "url": ""}]}

Is there any solution for that available?


(Jens Bruckmann) #124


also resolved the problem on my own.
I had to manually set up the bridge and the Nuki thing in config files because you have to give the Nuki ID in hexadecimal to have the callbacks work properly. However, interestingly the lock and unlock actions work when you configure the lock with decimal ID.

Maybe you should fix this in the code that one can always give the decimal ID!?

(Manuel) #125

That’s what i wrote one post above yours :wink:
Strange that this doesn’t seem to be a more “common” problem…

(fridomac) #126

If I get you correctly, I have to convert the NukiID-String that is also shown in the Nuki App to Hex?

Bye, Frido

(Manuel) #127

The one you get when you call http://YOURNUKIBRIDGEIP:8080/list?token=YOURTOKEN
I am not sure if it is shown in the app.

UPDATE: the one in the app is already in HEX so it can be used without conversion