New openHab2 EnOcean binding

Hello everyone,
Thanks everyone for your engagement in this topic.
I’m new to OpenHAB and OpenOcean binding, but I found it the only one almost working for my EnOcean NODON Temperature sensor (EEP: A5-02-05). I followed the tutorials on the installation but I still can’t get a useful information on the temperature since there is no temperature channel shown here:

By the way, I don’t receive any log when I press the sensor button.
I hope you can help me find a solution :pray:

Hi @MadoHAB,

welcome :slight_smile: This is only the Bridge-thing in you screenshot. This is the thing, which communicates with your enocean usb-stick to send an receive messages. To get an actuator or sensor working, you have to choose the correspondent thing under “Inbox / + - Symbol / OpenOcean Binding / Add manually”. It looks like this:


Maybe you don´t have to add your sensor manually and openhab will find it automatically by clicking on “Search for things” in the Inbox and pressing the sensor button. I don´t know this sensor - so you have to try it yourself. But these are two options to choose, if you want to add an enocean actuator, sensor and watnot.

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Thanks Alex :smiley: (@Casshern)
That helped recognizing the device. However now I can’t see the values of temperature in Control and I still can’t see logs when I press the button :confused:


I made a little gif of “How to add an Enocean-thing (Actuator, Sensor, Wallswitch, etc.) via PaperUi”:

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Hi @MadoHAB,

can you maybe post a screenshot of your sensor thing-settings (Paper-Ui / Configuration / Things).

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Hi @Casshern, Here is it, i hope it helps

Best Regards.

@MadoHAB, can you maybe do another one, after you click on the Edit-Button (Pencil).
I can´t propably help you with that, because i am not familiar with this sensor, but here are others, who can.

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@Casshern, I can only thank you for your help :blush:
let’s wait for others to come to give ideas maybe, here is the screenshot, I just used the OpenOcean Bridge and the exact EEP of my sensor:

Hi @MadoHAB,

welcome to the openhab community.First of all I have to say that I also do not own such a sensor, therefore I can only give you general help.

  1. As long as you do not active the debug log level of my binding, you will not see any messages or at least just a few. You can configure the log level through the karaf console.
log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.openocean

  1. In most cases it is the best to let the binding autodetect the devices. In this way the right enocean id and EEP of the thing is set for your:
    a. Delete your sensor thing
    b. Activate discovery mode: Inbox => Plus Button => OpenOcean Binding
    c. Press the button on your sensor
    d. A new device should be discovered (id and eep set correctly)
    e. Add this device and choose a name
  2. To save energy these sensors do only send the current temperature when the temperature changed a certain delta value or after some time. So maybe you just have to wait a little. Some of my sensors need quite a long time to recover their internal batterie when I kept them longer away from sunlight => if not already done add a CR1216 to your sensor.
  3. Are you sure that you own the temperature sensor? The temperature and humidity sensor looks quite the same as the temperature sensor…

Best regards and good luck :crossed_fingers:

Hello @fruggy83
Thank you for your help but I’ve done the same steps in the first try and I’ve just retried again but it came out with the exact same results :confused: About the sensor, according to it’s EEP A5-02-05 is a Temperature Sensor Range 0°C to +40°C.

Concerning he log file, I’ve got a list of this type, It looks the bridge is working fine but still can’t see my data :confused: :

2018-07-11 01:44:59.293 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - Received Sync Byte
2018-07-11 01:44:59.396 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - Received header, data length 10 optional length 7 packet type 1
2018-07-11 01:44:59.766 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - publish event for: FFD8410E
2018-07-11 01:44:59.768 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - A552278C0EFFD8410E0001FFFFFFFF4F00

The change of temperature is really significant here, I tried to use a cooler in the office where temperature changed from 24.5 to 23.9 in few minutes according to another z-wave sensor.

Concerning the battery, i ordered one but I believe this sensor works well without battery especially with the high luminance I have in my office.

Best regards.

Hi @fruggy83 @Casshern
I finally got a Value of temperature, I just edited the Type to Number (instead of string) in sensor’s temperature item (HOW DUMB I WAS :smile:) , this screenshot might be helpful:

Thank you for your contribution :wink:

Hi @MadoHAB,

i am happy to hear, that it works now.

Best regards,


I successfully teached in an Eltako FSR61NP switch as well as a Eltako FT55-rw rocker switch.
When I press the rocker, the state changes in OH2:

2018-07-29 13:08:54.503 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - openocean:rockerSwitch:66e6ad1b:FEF7A764:rockerswitchA triggered DIR2_PRESSED
2018-07-29 13:08:54.933 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - openocean:rockerSwitch:66e6ad1b:050DB22F:rockerswitchB triggered DIR1_PRESSED
2018-07-29 13:08:54.938 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - EltakoSwitch changed from OFF to ON
2018-07-29 13:08:55.388 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - openocean:rockerSwitch:66e6ad1b:FEF7A764:rockerswitchA triggered DIR2_RELEASED

Here you can see the communication between OH2 and the switch when I press the button:

2018-07-29 13:06:02.717 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - publish event for: 050DB22F
2018-07-29 13:06:02.719 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - F650050DB22F3001FFFFFFFF4F00
2018-07-29 13:06:02.721 [DEBUG] [an.handler.OpenOceanBaseThingHandler] - ESP Packet F650050DB22F30 for 050DB22F received
2018-07-29 13:06:02.737 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - Received Sync Byte
2018-07-29 13:06:02.839 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - Received header, data length 7 optional length 7 packet type 1
2018-07-29 13:06:03.145 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - publish event for: FEF7A764
2018-07-29 13:06:03.147 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - F600FEF7A7642002FFFFFFFF4A00
2018-07-29 13:06:03.149 [DEBUG] [an.handler.OpenOceanBaseThingHandler] - ESP Packet F600FEF7A76420 for FEF7A764 received
2018-07-29 13:08:54.088 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - Received Sync Byte
2018-07-29 13:08:54.190 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - Received header, data length 7 optional length 7 packet type 1
2018-07-29 13:08:54.496 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - publish event for: FEF7A764
2018-07-29 13:08:54.498 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - F610FEF7A7643001FFFFFFFF5600
2018-07-29 13:08:54.500 [DEBUG] [an.handler.OpenOceanBaseThingHandler] - ESP Packet F610FEF7A76430 for FEF7A764 received
2018-07-29 13:08:54.516 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - Received Sync Byte
2018-07-29 13:08:54.618 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - Received header, data length 7 optional length 7 packet type 1
2018-07-29 13:08:54.924 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - publish event for: 050DB22F
2018-07-29 13:08:54.927 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - F670050DB22F3001FFFFFFFF5B00
2018-07-29 13:08:54.930 [DEBUG] [an.handler.OpenOceanBaseThingHandler] - ESP Packet F670050DB22F30 for 050DB22F received
2018-07-29 13:08:54.944 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - Received Sync Byte
2018-07-29 13:08:55.076 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - Received header, data length 7 optional length 7 packet type 1
2018-07-29 13:08:55.381 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - publish event for: FEF7A764
2018-07-29 13:08:55.383 [TRACE] [nal.transceiver.OpenOceanTransceiver] - F600FEF7A7642001FFFFFFFF5800
2018-07-29 13:08:55.385 [DEBUG] [an.handler.OpenOceanBaseThingHandler] - ESP Packet F600FEF7A76420 for FEF7A764 received

But when I try to switch the Eltako FSR61NP via OH2 in Karaf console, nothing happens:

openhab> smarthome:send EltakoSwitch ON
Command has been sent successfully.
openhab> smarthome:send EltakoSwitch OFF
Command has been sent successfully.

Here ist my items definition for both items:

Switch EltakoSwitch " " { channel="openocean:rockerSwitch:66e6ad1b:050DB22F:rockerswitchB" }
Switch RockerSwitch " " { channel="openocean:rockerSwitch:66e6ad1b:FEF7A764:rockerswitchA" }

How can I switch the FSR61NP via OH2 and later as an item in the sitemap?

Best regards,

Hi Jens (@bruxi),

you need to use a “Virtual Rocker Switch” from the openocean binding. Then you need to teach in this virtual rocker into your actuator.

Best regards,

Hi Alex,

thanks a lot, that works! But the Virtual rocker only seems to work with the command ON?! When I send OFF I can see the LED blinking on the switch but nothing happens.
But everytime I send ON it toggles the state of the physical switch. Is that the expected behaviour?


Hi Jens (@bruxi),

you also need to teach in the OFF-Command.
Regarding your second question: It depends on how you configured it. You can post your settings, if you want.

Best regards,

Hi Baki (@MadoHAB),

I am also glad that it works now. Did you set the type to String initially or did openhab set it for you?
In the later case I should analyse if the binding can set the type correctly by itself. However I thought it would do it already.

Best regards

Hi Jens (@bruxi)

there are two ways to handle you FSR61NP in openhab. The first way (button simulation) is already described by @Casshern. In this case you define a rocker switch which reacts on the press of you physical switch. Whenever you press your physical switch to switch on/off your FSR61NP the openhab rocker switch changes its state. In this way you can use the rocker switch to represent the physical state of you FSR61NP. If you want to switch your FSR61NP with openhab you have to define a virtual rocker switch which can simulate a physical rocker switch (hence virtual rocker switch). This method should work in all cases. However it was initially intended for unidirectional actuators, which do not send status messages.

The second (and prefered) way is to directly send on/off commands to your actuator and do not use button simulation. Your FSR61NP is a newer eltako device and supports EEP A5-38 (central command). So add a new A5-38 thing to openhab. Set its thing ID to the enocean ID of you FSR61NP (in this way you can listen to the status messages of you actuator), choose switching command as sending EEP and PTM200 as receiving EEP. This thing provides a switch and a teach in channel. Set the teach in message of this channel to “E0400D80”. Activate the teach in mode of you FSR61NP and switch you teach in item to ON. Afterwards you should be able to control your FSR61NP and receive its status messages.

I hope this helps you.

Best regards

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Hi Alex,

thank yoi for the hint with teaching in the ON and OFF commands. Now I have a virtual rocker and a physical rocker, both teached in to the physical switch. When I switch either of them the physical switch reacts as expected. So when I send ON via virtual rocker, the physical switch is ON, when I send OFF via the physical rocker, the switch goes off.

But then afterwards the virtual rocker is in state ON and the physical rocker is in state off while the physical switch is in state OFF (last command received).

How can I synchronize states between all of the devices, physical and virtual?

I come from a zwave world, things are different there…

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Daniel,

I set up a device as you described. But there are only two channels, no teach in channel. And where can I set the content of the message to that channel?