New Raspberry PI install myopenhab error 504

I just installed latest openhab image on Raspberry PI. I successfully set up openHAB Cloud and remotely I can connect to and can access Paper UI. However, when I try to make any changes, i.e., add NEST Binding I get Error: 504 Gateway timed out. It does not appear that I can make any changes to my install of openhab via myopenhab. myopenhab appears to be up and running and the site says my openhab is online. Any suggestions?

Can you do any of these changes when on the LAN directly connected to your OH server?

Yes. I was able to install openHAB Cloud when connected to LAN. Now, I haven’t had a chance to make changes after installing openHAB Cloud. I’ll double check that when I am home at lunch and will reply with results.

I am at home. I just added the NEST binding. It appears that I am unable to make such changes via myopenhab…

The point is to show whether you can install bindings NOT going through

The problem might be, and very likely is, with your install, not

That is what I proved. I was able to make changes at home via connecting directly to openhab using the IP address for my R-Pi. Back at work and unable to make changes via myopenhab. So, this would indicate a problem with my install of openhab? If so, I can try a clean install. However, this was a clean install but am willing to give it a whirl if that is what is suggest.

At this point, all I can recommend is filing an issue, probably on

Same for me, I can change anything when is direct connect to the openHAB, however when i connect througt, I can’t change/store anything.

I can confirm this issue with #1050.

@b_trebor thx for opening the issue:

Welcome! Happy to help. Let me know if I can assist in troubleshooting. Though I will need explicit instruction as I am a noob with this setup/system.

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Seems like a pretty important issue, since I understand that nobody can make any changes through my.openhab. Any updates on this issue?