New registers in nibeheatpump binding for model F1245


since some weeks I’m using openHAB and the nibeheatpump binding together with NibeGW on a RPi . It is a great way to display and modify data of my F1245 heatpump. Now I would like to add some new registers to the files I have found on git - actually i have no idea how to create the corresponding jar-file.

For example I would like to add the following registers:

  • 48043 Holiday activated (on=10, off=0)
  • 48046 DIff heat curve holiday
  • 48047 Modus water holiday (off=-1, economy=0, normal=1, luxury=2)
  • 49008 DM diff start source Prio 2 min=100 max=2000
  • 49009 DM start source Prio 1 min=-2000 max =-10

I might add the values to the files f1x45-channel-groups.xml, f1x45-types.xml and but I have no idea how to compile the stuff and create the required jar-file for the update of the binding in openHAB

Many thanks