New setup advice

I’ve used OH up to version 2 and then stopped all my hobby’s just didn’t have time. Now setting things up again. Should I scrap my old .items, .sitemap, .rules etc and do everything in the UI now?

Current’y have OH 3 installed with MQTT binding added. Going through the tutorials and it looks like the old config files are not of much use.

Yes, start fresh as if it’s all new.

Why OH3? That’s already retired. You should be on OH4.

thank you…

sorry using 4.0.4.

Okay, good. Like I said, treat it as if it’s all new. Go through the tutorials and docs and avoid relating what you read to what you knew of OH2. While the overall concepts are generally the same, the details have changed a lot.

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I agree with the advice given so far but I wanted to provide some details.

The old config files should still work, with significant edits in many cases. OH 3 and OH 4 both support text file configs and will continue to do so and the overall syntax has not changed that much.

You could continue to use the same files (again with significant edits, you’ve a number of years worth of breaking changes to adjust for).

But for new users, less technical users, those who take long breaks between editing OH configs, and people like me who hate wasting time fighting syntax errors, I strongly recommend using a managed config (i.e. config through the UI). But anyone who really wants to continue to use separate files that option remains.