New setup, advise needed

Hi All

Im planning my first setup of openHAB soon at home using Arduino RF sensors mixed with lightwave RF. I also have some raspberry pi’s at my disposal.

So my questions are:

  • Should i be using openHAB 1 or 2?

  • If i run openHAB from the pi, is there an up-to date guide on installing it with MQTT also on the pi?

You could try this mini tutorial:

Continuing the discussion from RRD4J - Logging:

It depends on how technical you are and/or how much you are willing to spend identifying and reporting bugs in the beta software. If you are highly technical with programing, Linux, etc. and are OK dealing with some bugs OH 2 is the version for you. If not OH 1.8.2 is the distro for you.

OH 2 is becoming pretty stable and usable but is still a ways from a stable release. But, OH 2 should be completely compatible with any configs and rules you create in OH 1 so any work you do in OH 1 should port unchanged to OH 2.