New Smart home setup for house

Hi all,
I’m currently making major rebuild in my house and I’m gonna implement Smart Home setup. As I’m thinking of several different protocols and different manufacturer devices, I wated to ask you, if the setup is possible, and on what hardware I should count on. The house in with 2 floors, each floor on two stages, ~320sq. meters for everything. I’m gonna use several curtain motors (probably 6) with zigbee wall switches to control them. I didn’t find nice looking ZWave switches. The motors will be Dooya and Zemismart switches. I’m gonna use Sonoff T2 light switches, however I have a problem with the 1 Gang 2 Way switches, as seems Sonoff hasn’t such T2s. Probably using one normal will wall remote control, I’m open for ideas here. I have 2 Hormann doors, which I’m planning to integrate with the Ing-Budde KNX modules. So Zigbee and KNX gateways at least. I’ll try to integrate the Paradox and Hikvision Security systems too, but they are not mandatory. I want also to integrate the Air condition system, which will contain several units, probably Daikin so I can use one type of integration. So my questions are:

  1. Will Raspberry Pi be enough for all of that? It’s not a problem to assemble some mini PC with Windows/Linux.
  2. Will Zigbee has the range to take control over the curtains in 2-3 rooms? Can I put 2-3 Zigbee gateways in the rooms, and connect them to the openhab via Wi-fi ? Because I saw the Zigbee gateways are some USB stick sniffers.
  3. How to manage the 1Gang 2Way switch problem for my stairs ?


Yes the Pi4 Definitely but the Pi3 should be able yo handle that no problems.

Better solution than the Pi
Linux, Better… More support

Yes, any mains powered zigbee will act as a repeater in the mesh network

No need, see above

Use Sonoffs T2 and rules

my 50cent to the topic: I have struggled a lot with wireless communications -it’s not perfect. But I wanted them to be perfect. The best rules are worthless if the communication to the devices is bad. Therefore, I would not recommend adding Zwave and Zigbee and Wifi all at once if you have no experience with those protocolls. WIth all wireless protokolls, coverage is key.
with Wifi, that means, to have a good WIFI Access Point. 2 Floors = 2 Access Points with low transmit power. You don’t want interference. And buy a good Access Point where you can seperate 2G from 5G, because your 2G IoT devices should not be able to sniff your 5G Home Laptop etc. and have different, non-interefering channels (and check with your neightboor). avoid channel 1, that is also partly used by wifi.
With Zigbee: Depending on the placement of your gateway, you need a couple of non-batterie-powered devices (repeaters), like lightbulps or so. (or curtain motors if they are powered by non-battery and non-solar). Having more than 1 gateway is possible, but those devices cannot talk to each other, so they don’t create a mesh. It may be better to have 1 gateway and a couple of devices, but 1 gateway (1 mesh network for each floor ) is fine too if openhab is controlling the devices as a middleware. Make sure they have different channels, too.
With Z-Wave. Based on what I read from your statement, skip that for now. And then, I recommend to check vendors. It is stable when you buy all from one vendor (Steinel, Fibaro) - but if you go for vendor-agnostic approach and a USB Stick, there is a lot of troubleshooting involved.
Hardware: Sure, a raspberry Pi is enough for just the controlling. But with having IoT Devices in your WIFI, you want a firewall, and maybe a network controller, and a grafana and influxDB server, and a NAS… maybe another instance just for a script that is holding your passwords, and one for your local GIT repository, and a media center… well… I started with a Rasperry and ended up with an ESXI Server (200€, 10W TDP, 16GB Ram, 4 Cores) that has all of those components virtualized. If that is not a problem, I recommend that over a (or dozent) raspberry(s) .

I prefer Shellys over Sonoffs btw.

Will it be better to use IFTTT curtain switches instead of Zigbee ?

Unless you want to wait for 5 minutes for your curtains to react
And the OpenHAB-IFTTT link has been taken down at the moment due to abuse on the servers

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I got it, Zigbee it will be :smile: Thanks

Do you think this wiring will power the motor all the time, so it can sense manual pulling the curtain so it can open/close it by itself?

You’ll have to ask the manufacturer/dealer. NOt enough info on that diagram

Unfortunately the Aliexpress sellers aren’t with the best English, and they cannot describe well :smiley:
I was hoping for someone with experience, who had the opportunity to test them.

I would avoid the DIY/Ali express route when it comes to curtain motors
I would choose an established company

Which brands to look for then?

There’s enough info to be frightened … one mains pole appears to connect to motor body earth.

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What a nice drawing. I think it will raise the sells :rofl:

You make a couple of fundamental starter errors here.

First, don’t underestimate complexity. Think end-to-end.
Think automation and use cases. Will you really still use switches on windows to close blinds when you can automate and/or remote control that, too ? Where will you be going for color lighting and how is that supposed to be controlled ? Not to forget about the HVAC part. Automating HVAC is the hardest part in every home and you should not start on that unless you have a complete, detailed planning.

Next, think technology and options. Think wiring vs. wireless. Wires are always better from a reliability perspective and you can easily deploy many new ones in your situation. ZigBee and WiFi use the crowded 2.4GHz band, ZWave’s better there.
Don’t buy the combo that your handyman suggests but make up your own mind. Integrating/gatewaying into KNX just because of a single device ? Silly idea. There’s door openers in ZWave, ZigBee, WiFi. On the other hand, KNX is a more reliable technology for general purpose and lighting than the wireless ones are.
Don’t let Somfy/Dooya or others let trick you into deploying proprietary stuff. Any motor should work with any roller shutter actuator. FWIW, most people over here use Fibaro FGRM roller shutters. You can even use them as garage door openers.
Third, you must not (well, need not) buy actuator-switch combos. Get the actuator of your choice, most have inputs to attach a classic switch to so you can select a switch to match your favorite look, haptics and pricing. That being said, all of a sudden there’s many more choices in ZWave and WiFi.

My overall suggestion is: go back to the drawing board early, read up in this forum how others have implemented their lighting, roller shutters, heating etc and come up with a structured approach to select technologies first and to write down use cases. Don’t get misguided to buy some fancy device just because you fell victim to its advertising or your whatever-seller is offering it or because it’s Black Friday coming up. That approach will quickly drive you into trouble.

Dooya are part of the Somfy Group. I’d say Somfy were pretty well respected in the shutter automation department.

Having said that, I’d avoid them unless they are certified for use in the OP’s country - and the instructions are in English (or the OP’s language).

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I’ve got my Hormann motors with the KNX modules, and one of them is gate, so I think KNX will be more convenient than some Smart switches. I like Sonoff T2 design, and as I read they aren’t so bad quality. The HVAC , however, is still not finalised as a concept, but I will have at least 2 Daikin Aircons, probably with their wifi controller, and a couple more aircons, but not sure which brand yet. And I like the curtain motor wall switches desing, and if Zigbee is not a problem, I would be happy with them.
So for now it looks like a setup with Sonoff light switches, Zigbee and KNX gateways. Doesn’t sound so complicated?

Well I gave a couple of valuable hints but you seem to just want to have someone confirm your choices.
Good luck nonetheless.

I’ve got your idea, and I spend a couple of hours trying to rearrange things and ideas. What I’ve do was to put neutral to every switch, so I will be able to put any kind of light switches there. What I’m thinking about the curtains, is that I don’t really need wall switches. If the motor has a remote control and some kind of communication, so I can automated it, it’s enough. And the Zigbee interface won’t be needed at all. As HVAC is not ready yet, but the concept is an aircon in every room basically, I will lay UTP cable from every HVAC unit to the place where the server will be. And one cable for wall thermostat display/control. KNX will have to stay because of the garage door and the gate. The only restriction that I have in choosing the devices, which will be on the wall, is thatmy wife should like their design :smiley: