New Solar-Log Binding

Hi all,

was pleased to see the new Solar-Log binding coming with 2.3 release. However seems to be only possible to define one (“1”) Solar-Log thing:

Thing solarlog:meter:pv “Solar-Log 300” @ “Utility Room” [ url=“http://solar-log” refreshInterval=15]

Now I have to maintain a facility with 2 Solar-Log devices with 2 different IP-address’. Is there a way to define 2 Solar-Log things or will this be posible in future?

To whom it may concern, found the solution. Although you cannot search for the Solar-Logs you can add as many Solar-Log items as you want by just clicking “+” in the PaperUi things configuration. The items then look like here:

Great stuff!

Hi, I am new here, I just installed OH 2.3.0-1 on a Pi and I have a solarlog 500 PM+ wifi with firmware: 3.6.0 Build 97 - 18.12.2018

In Paper Ui. I see offline.

json is active in the solarlog.

But still offline.

Is there a firmware with wich is working? what can I check?
Thank’s for help in advance.