New Solarman V5 Binding for Deye, Sofar and other type of solar inverters

I believe no there is no link mechanism but I’m no core dev and don"t really know. @J-N-K jan maybe knows ?

Thank you very much for the reply, I will try to do this and if it works I will get back to you. This is a big issue in Sweden as we can have a price difference of up to 2200% in one day. it can make big savings in a year.

Thank´s again Joakim A

This is pretty much what openEMS does, it standardizes channel instances and value ranges in order to build portable controllers (algorithms). In its case inverter must provide power related channels (generation, max active power, max apparent power) + few more in order to utilize rest of the system. Obviously there is a way to implement inverter without all channels, but then you can’t rely on system core.
Still it is easy to say because openEMS is domain specific system, while openHAB is (fairly) generic purpose.