New test user: jumping in with openHAB 2

Hi, all - I just installed openHAB 2 alpha 2 on a Fedora 22 server that had spare capacity and am learning about the project and software. I’m very excited as I start to explore Home Automation and I really like the concept of openHAB (I’m a big fan of Open Source) and think it’s a great place for me to start. I also have realistic expectations as I know this will take time to learn and understand and I don’t expect to have a robust implementation quickly.

But what I can do is help sort things out and as I understand how openHAB works I should be able to give decent feedback and perhaps even contribute a bit. I hope to have time to help out a bit at least.

I’m starting with a Aeotec Zwave gen 5 USB stick, a Yale zwave door lock (yes, I know this isn’t supported yet and probably won’t be for a bit), my 3 Sonos players, and a Plex server. I already have the Sonos players working, and will attach the Plex soon (it’s a 1.x binding so I’ll have to learn how they work).

So far, so good - the only complaint I have is that in the paper UI the field values use too large of a font and overlap other graphical elements. I’ll dig around and see if I can figure out why. Auto discovery of the Sonos players, creation of a group and adding them, and fine tuning the channels was all pretty straightforward once I opened a few ports on my server.

Anyway, I hope I can help, and just wanted to introduce myself. Thanks!

  • Mick