New there, Hi to all and first questions

Hi all!

I’m beginner of Openhab but I’m SysOps Linux Administrator.
Nowadays I’m making upgrades to my apartment so, installing heaters, electric blinds, etc,… and I wonder to begin installing openhab on a raspberry and begin to apply automated things.

My first question… Is it easy in order to go step by step automating things? so, in my first aproaches searching devices, I found there specific devices like blind WIFI or ZigBee relays like loratab or SovelyBoFan. Are they compatible with openhab?

Thanks all for that nice software and keep in touch!

If you live on your own making things happen automatically is probably the way to go.

If you have someone else there with you and is not a computer person, going with a reliable GUI that controls things (even if it is kicking off a rule manually) it goes a long way with the acceptance factor.

For hardware suggestions, I would review the Add-Ons page and even if you don’t find something there but there is a HTTP API for example you can still interact with the device it just takes longer to get the automation going.

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