New to binding development for OpenHAB 2


I am new to binding development, so could need some help:

  1. Do there exist any documentation of the OpenHAB API? Like how to update an item from the binding?
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Have a look at Eclipse SmartHome documentation

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Hi Patrick. Thank you. It looks like you have also answered most of my question too! Development of new binding: Drayton miGenie

I still do not understand how to implement/extend commands or status? How can extend or implement State?

All commands are processed in the handleCommand method of the ThingHandler (documentation for command handling). Which commands are allowed, determines the item type: Switch - On/Off/… and a command is always sent to an Item that is linked to Channel provided by the Thing.

Please note the difference between State and Status. The State refers to the state of a device, for example, On, Off, 23.0 °C, … . And the Status refers to the ThingHandler, eg Online, Offline, … .

Maybe you can briefly describe your application?