New to Home Automation. New to OpenHAB. Fairly familiar with programming

I’m being a bit naughty and deleting all the stuff at the start as this is mostly about me and my plans and I don’t think we really need such detailed information for the open kind of question I’m going to aks.

FWIW my intended platform for OpenHAB is going to be a Raspberry Pi 3 recent model which I intend to install OpenHABian on.

I have the Raspberry Pi somewhere, but we just moved home so I’m currently not sure where.

In terms of other Domotic stuff that I’ve got we have:
1 LifX lightbulb. (first purchase)
An Amazon Echo (Wife really wanted one)
Weemo automated socket (bought with the Echo but not yet used)
3 echo dots which we got when I discovered there was a deal.

My next plan is to move the LifX from the bedroom to the landing and get an intelligent plug in PIR, one that ignores pets - otherwise our cat Poppy would constantly wake my wife by turning the landing light on. She tends to wander a lot at night and isn’t let outside.

So at that point we will integrate openHAB. This will mean basically that we can get the PIR to automate the light, set up programs for the light for time of day that can also be triggered by the echo and echo dots. Also work out what to use the Weemo with and integrate that.

Over time we’ll build up the home automation stuff. I’ve got an Arduino board somewhere but have never been able to load a sketch on it with windows.

Something any people posting from Europe and America should know. I live in rented accommodation. I know that in parts of Europe and America what a landlord/landlady will allow differs from in the UK, or at least that’s the impression I’ve got when posting in other home automation domotics forums.

In the UK you’re lucky if a landlord lets you paint the walls and hang pictures. If you’re really lucky they may let you bleed the radiators and put up shelves.

They won’t let you make any significant changes to the electrics or gas and water in your home.

This means that we are limited to changing the lightbulbs and using plug in solutions.

Fortunately in this day and age there’s tons of things you can just plug in.

Then when we move to our own home with a mortgage we can take it all with us and start adding really fun stuff like automated radiator valves and network connected thermostats!

So there we are.

My first question.

What would be the best UK wall socket PIR sensor which ignores pets and works well with OpenHAB? The only socket we have on our landing is near ground level so that possibly makes it even more important that it doesn’t get triggered by pets.