New to Maven, how does the compilation process work?

I’m a newbie to Maven and was wondering how the build process is working. In a previous topic, I mentioned that I was able to compile openHAB using the Maven command line approach, using “mvn clean install”. All worked fine, I could unzip the generated targets (runtime, addons, designer, demo).

To see if I could start changing/implementing a new plugin, I deliberately added a mistake in one of the existing plugins (jointSpace). I started the Maven build again, but to my surprise, the error was not detected and at the end the build was successful.

I tried the following build targets after I introduced the error:

  • mvn -o install
  • mvn -o compile

None of them gave me the compilation error.

Any suggestions?

I was too fast with my conclusion: the system does work. Of course, it does…

What pulled my leg, was that I modified one of the Java files in the Eclipse editor. I also saved it, so I thought the file was updated in my local repository.

However, I then had a look to that very same file using VI and I didn’t see the changes I did in Eclipse! Then I modified the file (introducing the same error) using VI and after running “mvn -o compile”, the error was detected.