New to OH, installed with Java JRE instead of JDK

Brand new install of Windows 7, fully updated.

Downloaded the Runtime Distro from OH/Downloads

Downloaded and installed Java JRE (More on this in a second)

Downloaded and installed ZULU 10 8.1 8 7

Followed the instructions here: and set my Variable to the Java JRE.

Ran the Start.BAT and then the LocalHost. Chose the Standard Package. Also played around with the Hab Panel a little bit.

After all this, I went back to the instructions to continue where I left off. I checked to see if the directories (found here under File Locations: were installed per the Windows Installation Instructions.

They weren’t.

This is also where I noticed I installed Java JRE instead of JDK. So, I downloaded JDK, shutdown OH BAT, installed JDK, restarted Start.Bat and then web browsered into LocalHost to see if I can “Re-Install” the Standard Package.

No luck.

I’m not sure what to do from here.

I don’t want to screw this up anymore by trying different things, so I thought I would ask the community!!



You don’t really need the JDK package. JRE should be fine (from what I remember)… yes, I know that the docs state JDK.

So: Your OH2 installation is working correctly and you want to start configuring your system?

Where did you unzip the OH2 distribution files?

Ok, I think I was a bit confused reading through the instructions.

I clicking on the “Standard Package” would of installed the file directory C:\OpenHab2. But the directory that the windows install instructions sayd I should have, come from the repo downloaded off of the website.

I am good. Needed to walk away for a few hours and have a look at it again.