New to OH, Will these devices work?


Im new to OpenHAB, what a great product.

I am getting most of my devices in and running well, but i am unable to find an addon for my alarm, and am not sure the A/C addon works with my A/C

I have a Bosch series 2000 alarm with the Bosch B426 IP Module, all connected up i can arm/disarm from my phone using the Bosch RSC app, is there any way to interface this with OH?

Lastly, i see there is a samsung A/C addon, but is there any way to see if it will work with my Samsung ducted air system which i have the wireless module connected and can drive using the samsung CAC application

thank you in advance

Anyone ?

Im even willing to pay a small fee for some bindings


I have a 3000 series alarm with a B426 interface. Looking for the same thing as you but with no luck. I am probably going to go with a mysensors interface to a keyswitch zone.

Let us know if you find any other way of doing it.



Just wondering if either of you had any luck with this, I have a Bosch 3000 Series alarm, it doesn’t currently have any network module. Looking at how I can integrate it, I would really just like to have the Arm and Alarm States fed in for some automation, things like, hey you forgot to set the alarm if I leave without doing so, and obviously letting me know if it has been tripped.