New to OpenHAB rules


I’m a noob to openhab and tutorials doesn’t seem to help my issue…

I’m using OH as an intermediate interface to my main BMS system, to convert things that my BMS system can’t interface with, that being my alarm system and heating…

So my first step is that I need to send temp values from one item to another, so they appear in my BMS

OH have add ons for both my BMS (Loxone miniserver) and my heating system (MAX!) Things, items and sitemaps are programed and ready to go…

Hope for some simple steps, in this new world of mine, with OH.

I’ve made all the programming in VS so far

Welcome to the forum! I’m not familiar with Loxone. What is the name of the Item that has the temperature value that you want to send, and what is the name of the other Item that you want to update with the temperature value? You may not need to use a rule for this. If you do, I recommend not using the rules DSL, but the new rule engine, scripted automation, Jython and the helper libraries.


Your requirement sounds quite straightforward, so you might only need a pointer in the right direction.

I created a video last week with lots of sections that are aimed at the very basics.

Obviously you’ve got openHAB2 up and running, so you can miss the bulk of the video and skip straight to the rules section.

I’ll have to get my head around these and add another video to get people out of the starting gates.

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That would be great! Ping me if you need any help!


@MDAR yes that would be awesome! :+1: Maybe then I can start to understand how it all fits together. :upside_down_face:

You’ll have to form an orderly queue…

I’ve got my head around…

But the automated scripting and Jython is way outside my comfort zone.
Someone else is going to have to ride that horse

I’m just a bit confused with all the file locations and what goes where and why. But I haven’t really dug in yet, just installed everything last week so hope sometime soon I will be free to play a bit. :grinning:

The Experimental Rules Engine (the NGRE/new rule engine) is not going to be experimental in OH 3.0 and it will replace the old rule engine (don’t confuse this with the DSL, which is not the rule engine… however, it’s future is not certain). It also includes scripted automation and it is NOT the same as the UI rule editor. If there’s interest, then maybe I should consider putting something together.

That would be great. :+1:

I assume that most would be interested in the process of moving from rules DSL. How the helper libraries work, where to put what, ect… I’ve read the links and looked thru the examples but I have no Python (or other coding) knowledge so the language use to describe some things is confusing.

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