New to openHab - what can it do 'out of the box'

I just moved into a new (25 yr old) house and it has an alarm system which I found I can control with AlarmDecoder. I see OH has bindings to AD as well as z-wave and Nest, so I am very interested.

While I am a developer, I don’t want to need to become an OH expert this month…

I also picked up a Nest Protect and am shopping for locks.

I don’t think any of the Nest locks are really ready for prime time, so zwave seems to be the obvious choice (had one at our last house)

so with AD, Nest Protect and a decent zwave lock will OH be able to do most of the following within a few hours of setup?

  • Notify of Door Code entries (sms/email)
  • Notify of alarm events
  • Notify of Smoke detector events

I have seen the app and see it’s control features

What about adding key codes (remotely) or activating the lock so I can let someone in remotely?
Will I still need the vendor’s app/gateway/etc?

I was paying $10/mo at the old place, and would prefer not to this time…


OH does not support the zwave security command class and is unlikely to in the near future so OH is unlikely to support your door lock use cases. Your other stuff should work fine, but i think getting everything working in a couple of hours is massively optimistic.

Are you saying all the things dealing with the locks is not likely to work or just the added/removing codes or activating the lock is not likely to work in the near future?

I am mostly interested in Door code entry, because that is the most activity…
(Alarms and Smoke events better not happen often!)


they are working on the zwave security protocol. but I think it’s not in the normal release and it’s not ready to be, yet.

you can bypass it with another zwave hub like vera and the corresponding binding. I will try that this weekend. I have an old vera2 hub. I will tell you if it’s working well.

I dont think anything with locks will work.

I said a few hours (vs couple) because people will say yeah I can do it in a few hours with all they know… It’s human nature…

After looking around it appears there are very few non-vendor solutions for locks, so for now I will wait on that… after all there are other things to do… like install the replacement alarm board to get rid of the existing board that ADT has held hostage… but to be fair, this house was a rental for a few years, so who knows who did what to the system… the power was disconnected from it when we bought the place…

I’ve got my zwave lock working with vera and mios binding. it’s even possible to know witch user have unlock the lock by adding some variable in vera and using the Web action.

I am still fixing some bug. when my script will work like I want, I will post it here and in the wiki.

My zwave lock is working fine with mios binding and an old vera 2 hub.

I even made a script to know if it’s manually operated or pin operated. You can see it in the script section of the forum.

And with mios action you should be able to add user. the only problem is how you can make that in a sitemap!

Good luck with your project.