New to OpenHAB3 - Hue Error

Firstly, I am very sorry if this is posted into the incorrect group.

I am new to OpenHab3. Did a new install of the software on a pi4 8Gb.
The installation was very clean and easy but as soon as I started to try to add/configure a Phillips Hue plug, I ran into issues that I cannot find a clear solution to.
This might be because I am new to home automation and I am doing something wrong.
To start with, I receive an msg in my inbox saying that I have a new device.

If I click on the device I am taken to a config panel.
If I try to enable the device I get a stream of the following error in the logs.

All the reading and searching I have done all point to deleting some lines related to Hue Emulation from the file hue.things. I have searched the whole disk and I cannot find the presence of this file.
I have also read that the username should be automatically generated, but when I look the username field is empty. I did find a post saying that you can copy the username but it is not clear where to derive the username from.
Does anyone have any suggestions.

First of all, be careful here. There are two totally different add-ons. The Hue add-on lets openHAB see and control Hue Devices. The Hue Emulation add-on make openHAB Items appear to your network like Hue devices so that anything that can control Hue stuff (e.g. Alexa) can control openHAB Items.

If you have not installed Hue Emulation and are not using it, anything that is referencing Hue Emulation is likely not going to apply to you.

When you create Things in the UI, there is no .things file. That file only exists when you use a text based config as opposed to a UI based config. However, it’s all the same parameters and properties, just different representations. So there should either be a parameter in the config page for that thing that corresponds to that parameter in the .things file (you might need to click “show advanced” to see it). If you click on the “Code” tab for the Thing’s page you should also see that parameter in the YAML representation of the Thing.

Beyond that I can’t help much. But I will say that it’s better to paste text than screen shots where possible. Use code fences.

code and logs go here

You have helped me a load already by what you have said. it does not help me but it does clarify things a little.
I seem to misunderstanding the point of the different aspects of home automation.
I have installed OpenHab. I want to start adding different items. Currently, when I look at my things list, I see two items online, my Samsung TV and my Synology NAS. These just appeared without any hassles.
I decided that I wanted to add a Philips Hue Plug into the mix. Not knowing how to proceed, I asumed that because the plug was a Hue device, I should use the Hue binding. After installing the binding, the following appeared in my inbox messages.

I then clicked on that device to open a config page.

On this page you can see that the username is empty. I tried adding my linux username but that did not help.
I found the following on the below page.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

The Hue bridge requires the ip address as a configuration value in order for the binding to know where to access it. In the thing file, this looks e.g. like

Bridge hue:bridge:1 [ ipAddress="" ]

A user to authenticate against the Hue bridge is automatically generated. Please note that the generated user name cannot be written automatically to the .thing file, and has to be set manually. The generated user name can be found in the log files after pressing the authentication button on the bridge. The user name can be set using the userName configuration value, e.g.:

Bridge hue:bridge:1 [ ipAddress="", userName="qwertzuiopasdfghjklyxcvbnm1234" ]

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

I do not see an authenticate button, but then again I don’t know what the bridge is.

Any advice is appreciated.

Always refer to the docs for the add-on you are looking to configure and use for how to proceed, what it can do and how to configure it.

Only if you also have a Hue Bridge. If you do not, you might be able to use the Zigbee binding. If not, you’ll need a Hue Bridge.

openHAB’s Hue Binding interacts with Hue devices through the bridge and only through the bridge.

I don’t think you installed the Phillips Hue binding. The docs mention no Hue Emulation Thing. Are you sure you didn’t install Hue Emulation?

Again, Hue Emulation lets other devices control openHAB Items. To control a Hue device, you need the Phillips Hue binding.

That page is at this point years out of date. The add-on docs (links above) will have the most recent and relevant information.

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