New TP-Link Smart Home binding with Bulb, Plug and Switch Support

Yep I still don’t own a TP-Link camera :wink: So I have no direct plans to add them.

Looking at the reversed engineerd information it looks similar communication as other TP-Link devices. So if you manually configure a HS100 you might be able to see the status and even might be able to switch the camera led on and off. I don’t know what actually switching on or off might do or if there are any other commands possible. Basic device status or maybe some other commands might be something to add to the binding. But streaming would be much more complex I would guess and might be better serviced by the ipcamera binding. Maybe extending that binding with specific support for tplink to be able to easier get the correct url or let the tplink binding provide the url in some way to the ipcamera binding.

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Open a new thread and mention my name in it and if your willing to post debug log output and try a few things I will take a look in a new dedicated thread.

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any progress on the p100 plugs?

I recently found and can now switch my plugs on and off using the exec binding.
Having a Java implementation in an addons would still be nice though :slight_smile:

@hilbrand Will the TP-Link tapo p100 be supported by your binding? Unfortunately bought some of them without knowing that they are incompatible to the other Kasa products :frowning: Even the new app is not working correctly. Thanks.

Hi Hilbrand,

Do you have plans to add support for the KP115 ?

It’s the slimmer version of the HS110 effectively a slimline plug with energy monitoring.


It’s already added:

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Is it possible to install this updated TP-Link add-on to an OpenHAB 3.0 installation?
I am about to purchase a few KP115’s and would love for them to work with my OpenHAB 3.0 setup.

Thank you, that’s good to know.

Really simple question - how do i update the binding to add support for the KP115?

I’m running OH3 inside an Unraid Docker

Thank you

Author of the KP115 addition here. If you’re willing to manually install the TPLink binding, the snapshot build of 3.1.0 should work fine with 3.0.0. Grab it here and drop it in the addons directory. You might want to uninstall the 3.0.0 binding first to be safe.


Thanks for the link to the JAR. For me it doesn’t work.
I get this error.

HTTP ERROR 403 Trying to access a file outside of the directory

Does it work for anyone else?

Got it. I changed the build in the URI from 254 to 255.

No support for the tapo P100 yet?!
They go for like 12 euros and handle up to 2300 watts. I’m inclined to buying one for the binding maintainer…

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I bought the KP115 over the weekend, so I decided to install this update (well actually build 273) binding today.
Did all the research and reading I could find for manually adding a binding, and can’t seem to get it “installed”.

I’m running Openhab 3.0.1 on Ubuntu 20.04.2
I created the following folder //opt/openhab/addons and copied the JAR file to it.
Pretty much as per this (rather short) documentation…

Anybody have any further hints as to how I should get this binding installed?

Did you uninstall the 3.0 binding via the UI? If so, OH should just pick up the JAR. You may need to restart your system.

I worked out what I was doing wrong.
I mistakenly thought I had a “manual” installation and used the folder quoted above.
I actually have a “Repository Installation”, so the folder I should use is /usr/share/openhab/addons

I copied the new 3.10 binding to the proper folder and the KP115 is working as expected now.

Any update on Tapo P100? :slight_smile:

For anyone following this post, @Bigdesaster has just posted a Tapo binding and is looking for people to test it.

Are there any bindings that can control the KP110 smart plug with energy monitoring?

I assume you either mean the HS110 or the KP115 that replaced it, in which case the binding supports it.