New TpLinkRouter Binding

I’ve started a new binding to control the wifi status of my TpLink Router (TD W9970).
This binding uses a telnet connection to command wifi status and monitor several configuration parameters.
An alpha version can be downloaded here:

This binding should be compatible with other TpLink products provided that the telnet interface is identical.
It could be extended to support other configuration parameters (LAN, DHCP,…).
Any feedback will be welcome!

Hey @hollysaiqs, I love this idea! I just came across it and tried to use it but alas it seems it may not be compatible with my TP link routers - I have a mesh system with the main router being a Deco Xe75. I don’t know how different this is from the TD W9970 and what the barriers to implementing support for my router might be but I am really excited about the possibility and I’ll keep my eye on your binding for any updates.