New Tradfri LED bulb: missing features in binding


yesterday I bought one of the pretty new Tradfri LED bulbs with color, dimming and warm/cold lighting. Link: TRÅDFRI LED-Leuchtmittel E27 806 lm, kabellos dimmbar Farb- und Weißspektrum/rund opalweiß - IKEA Deutschland

My problem now is that I can’t dimm the bulb via openhab3. According to the bindings documentation:

“Full color bulbs support the color_temperature and color channels. Brightness can be changed with the color channel.”

I should be able to change the brightness via the color. But my bulb supports all the settings so its doing what it’s supposed to do. xD

“color” sets the color of the bulb and turns it off and on
“color_temperature” overwrites previous “color” settings and sets the color temperature from warm to cold and everything in between.

Is there a way to add this to the binding?

You must only create for example a dimmer wiget on your color item, and it controls the brightness, so simply create a widget in a sitemap that is a dimmer, and controls your item.

Or, if commanding from rules, simply send a single numeric 0-100 to your Color type Item to effect dimming.
You can send ON or OFF too for switch actions.