New ugly Zigbee device Humidity, Temperature, clock with clusters (000A Time) and (EF00 Tuya), TS0601,_TZE200_c7emyjom

Hello Community,

some days ago I was in a good mood and wanted to replace my old Hygrometer in the Bathroom.
As my wife complained about the missing Clock (WAF) I decided for this model:

So far so good. Further details here:

Device information for endpoint 5E23/1
Node Info             Value
Application Version   64
Date Code
HW Version            1
Manufacturer Name     _TZE200_c7emyjom
Model Identifier      TS0601
Power Source          3
Stack Version         0
ZCL Version           3

Okay then I’ve connected the device and got no channels, after a short look at the endpoint I was not amused.

IEEE Address      : A4C138946A35FD5A
Network Address   : 24099
Endpoint          : 1
Device Profile    : 0x0104, ZIGBEE_HOME_AUTOMATION
Device Type       : 0x0051, SMART_PLUG
Device Version    : 1
Input Clusters    : (Server)
   0000 Basic
     - APS Security disabled
        S       0 r-- UNSIGNED_8_BIT_INTEGER    ZCL Version                              Thu Jan 13 12:54:44 CET 2022 3
        S       1 r-- UNSIGNED_8_BIT_INTEGER    Application Version                      Fri Jan 14 06:03:04 CET 2022 64
        S       2 r-- UNSIGNED_8_BIT_INTEGER    Stack Version                            Thu Jan 13 12:54:44 CET 2022 0
        S       3 r-- UNSIGNED_8_BIT_INTEGER    HW Version                               Thu Jan 13 12:54:44 CET 2022 1
        S       4 r-- CHARACTER_STRING          Manufacturer Name                        Thu Jan 13 12:54:53 CET 2022 _TZE200_c7emyjom
        S       5 r-- CHARACTER_STRING          Model Identifier                         Thu Jan 13 12:54:44 CET 2022 TS0601
        S       6 r-- CHARACTER_STRING          Date Code                                Thu Jan 13 12:54:44 CET 2022
        S       7 r-- ENUMERATION_8_BIT         Power Source                             Thu Jan 13 13:00:37 CET 2022 3
        S       8 r-- ENUMERATION_8_BIT         Generic Device Class
        S       9 r-- ENUMERATION_8_BIT         Generic Device Type
        S      10 r-- CHARACTER_STRING          Product Code
        S      11 r-- CHARACTER_STRING          Product URL
        S      16 rw- CHARACTER_STRING          Location Description
        S      17 rw- ENUMERATION_8_BIT         Physical Environment
        S      18 rw- BOOLEAN                   Device Enabled
        S      19 rw- BITMAP_8_BIT              Alarm Mask
        S      20 rw- BITMAP_8_BIT              Disable Local Config
        S   16384 r-- CHARACTER_STRING          SW Build ID
   0004 Groups
     - APS Security disabled
        S       0 r-- BITMAP_8_BIT              Name Support
   0005 Scenes
     - APS Security disabled
        S       0 r-- UNSIGNED_8_BIT_INTEGER    Scene Count
        S       1 r-- UNSIGNED_8_BIT_INTEGER    Current Scene
        S       2 r-- UNSIGNED_16_BIT_INTEGER   Current Group
        S       3 r-- BOOLEAN                   Scene Valid
        S       4 r-- BITMAP_8_BIT              Name Support
        S       5 r-- IEEE_ADDRESS              Last Configured By
     - APS Security disabled
Output Clusters   : (Client)
   000A Time
     - APS Security disabled
   0019 Ota Upgrade
     - APS Security disabled
        S       0 r-- IEEE_ADDRESS              Upgrade Server ID
        S       1 r-- UNSIGNED_32_BIT_INTEGER   File Offset
        S       2 r-- UNSIGNED_32_BIT_INTEGER   Current File Version                     Thu Jan 13 12:54:59 CET 2022 64
        S       3 r-- UNSIGNED_16_BIT_INTEGER   Current ZigBee Stack Version
        S       4 r-- UNSIGNED_32_BIT_INTEGER   Downloaded File Version
        S       5 r-- UNSIGNED_16_BIT_INTEGER   Downloaded ZigBee Stack Version
        S       6 r-- ENUMERATION_8_BIT         Image Upgrade Status
        S       7 r-- UNSIGNED_16_BIT_INTEGER   Manufacturer ID
        S       8 r-- UNSIGNED_16_BIT_INTEGER   Image Type ID
        S       9 r-- UNSIGNED_16_BIT_INTEGER   Minimum Block Request Period
        S      10 r-- UNSIGNED_32_BIT_INTEGER   Image Stamp

There are no standard clusters available, it seems to be a bad habit of newer tuya devices.
I can see that the device is connected to the Zigbee network also the devices indicates the connection but shows no time.

Now my questions:

  1. Can the Output Cluster 000A Time somehow be mapped so that I can see the attributes?
  2. For the super super ugly Cluster EF00 would it be possible to create the attributes for it also?

The attributes are described here:

My Idea would be to get the messages transported inside this cluster in there simply as strings pipe dived In/Out/Reported into OpenHab.

Then at least there would be a chance to create an own rule for mapping the messages into items in OH.



after some time later I found in this Article what it’s mainly about.

Is it somehow possible to get the Payload Marked blue below into a OH Item?

Here are details for both clusters:

As always, anything is possible, but not without quite a lot of work as this is a very non-standard device. I’m in the process of refactoring the binding to support these Tuya devices a bit better, but as I’m currently quite busy, it’s not something I’m likely to complete particularly quickly.

Agreed. Firstly, I don’t see why the company would go to the expense of certifying such a device - presumably it is used in a proprietary system so there’s no need to have it certified. Secondly I’m surprised the ZWA (or CSA - whoever!) would certify it.

I have been through the certification process with a reasonably simple device, and it’s not super cheap!

That said, I just had a look at the PICs, and it does seem to support the THERMOSTAT_CLUSTER…

You’re right, that’s the reason I deleted my post …

My device (Heizkörper-Thermostat ESSENTIALS, Zigbee online kaufen | looked exactly like the device depicted on Heizkörper-Thermostat - Connectivity Standards Alliance, but all HVAC functionality was hidden in the Tuya specific cluster.

The certified device:
Bedienungsanleitung SilverCrest IAN 368308 Thermostat (sold by Lidl?)

It would be interesting to check the Lidl device for the HVAC cluster (if there is a Lidl incarnation with HW version 1.0 and FW version 1.0.2) …

According to LIDL SilverCrest Smart Radiator Thermostat - Device Requests - deCONZ Community the Lidl incarnation does support the HVAC cluster.

Hi @Ap15e,

for sure I will try to return the device.
How can I avoid the trap of buying devices that have this really really ugly implementation?
is there a list?


The label ‘zigbee certified product’ and a matching entry in the ZigBee database (Zigbee Certified Products Archives - Connectivity Standards Alliance) seems to be a strong indicator that the relevant functionality isn’t hidden behind manufacturer specific clusters, whereas ‘Works with Tuya’ seems to be the opposite. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Ap15e!

I guess we could add the fact that there is no Zigbee logo on it. Just Tuya „intelligence“ inside

Sadly this gives Zigbee a bit of a bad name as people think that these “Zigbee products” are, well, Zigbee products. In fact a lot of these cheaper devices are not compliant - they use 802.15.4 (which Zigbee also uses), but they don’t use the Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL), or they don’t use it fully, and it’s this layer that provides the interoperability.

I’ve had some abuse over the years from people who get upset that the binding tries to focus on Zigbee devices, but at the end of the day when it’s just me trying to add support, I prefer to try and focus on the standards. If devices use the standards, then the binding will for the most part work with them. There’s always the occasional time that a manufacturer adds some special function to make their device better, and this is exactly the same in ZWave. Often these functions aren’t absolutely necessary, and the command line tools I provide can allow some level of configuration etc with them. The binding can also be configured to take definitions for devices that work with the standards, but have some extra non standard functions.

The problem with the Tuya devices is they really use a different concept on how they communicate.

Anyway, as @Ap15e said, if you get something that says it’s Zigbee certified, that’s a good start - although as we know, some people don’t care too much about the truth and might print this on their box anyway, and so checking with the Alliance database is always good (but this can sometimes be hard to find devices in).


Let’s check some ‘ZigBee’ devices from Aliexpress:
The PICS list the clusters supported by the device: IAS cluster is supported.
If you happen to buy the HW/FW version that was certified and the IAS cluster is supported by the ZigBee Binding (yes, it is - see ZigBee - Bindings | openHAB), chances are that the device does work with OH.

Let’s check another device:

csa database search

  1. by keyword: humidity: no match
  2. by keyword: display: no match
  3. by keyword: clock: no match
  4. by device type: temperature sensor: no match

Do not buy.

And a last one:

Only ZBMINI seems to be certified, but I can confirm that SNZB-03 works with the OH ZigBee Binding nevertheless …


Just keep the watch with caliber 9R31 (if I’m not mistaken …) and return the watch with caliber zigbee. :slight_smile:

Hi, I can also Confirm SNZB-02 (Temperature + Humidity sensor) is working fine.
Except reading the battery level.
Can you read the Battery Level from SNZB-03?


Hi, yes its a Caliber 9R31, The poor men’s 7R14 :slight_smile:
Aliexpress offers a free return service, I hope this will work.
The good thing is the guy offers also the SonOff sensors, therefore i hope it works if I would promise to order new things.


Yes I could definitely say so, it’s like building MQTT into ZigBee (And this is not what it was designed for).
Its nearly like Bender would say, I build my own ZigBee Standard with Blackjack and Hoo…ers.


That’s a bit sad… all devices seem to me very promising.
No special vendor depending gateway, would enable me to choose a device wich fits best to my needs / application.

Hi Udo,

as i could see Chris already started somthing.
As I understood he is not completely against it but he’s lacking time.


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