New UI

Im not sure where to place this topic so I placed it here… Hope its ok.

I really like Openhab (especially compared to the not-working Smarrthings Hub), but there is one thing which is pretty disappointing, the User Interface.

  • the icons (I’m currently using 1.8.2) are pretty simple/old-fashioned. I’m sure there would be a way to make/define much better icons to make Openhab more professional. I’ve been looking on the forum and found some links to some free icons, but nothing fantastic compared to what can be found on Smartthings or Fibaro for example

  • the interface itself is pretty basic. An interface with tiles like Smartthings (one tile for bedroom with an image of the bedroom for example) looks much better. Im sure this can be done somehow but doesnt seem very straightforward so far

Any idea, comment about this?

you could use dashing which basically gives you a fully customizable frontend.
dashing thread

or (if you’re looking for an android app)
alternative android app

a native solution (android + iOS) would be nice i guess :wink:

It’s probably worth noting that there’s a lot of work ongoing with OH2 and there are a number of new UIs available there…

Any easy to share screenshots or demo sites showing these new UIs in OH2? I have been putting off upgrading until it is PROD ready, since my whole house would grind to a half if OH stopped working!

Very interested to hear how these new UIs are coming along tho.

I’m not sure - possibly there are images somewhere…

This is a snap of the demo ‘basicui’ which is effectively a modernised version of the OH1 UI (ignore the messy names - its just a quick snap from my debug environment…

Nice - that is big improvement on what we currently have.

Yes I just thought about it after looking at this dashing thread. This is nice indeed, just not straightforward :slight_smile:

And by the way, to avoid any misunderstanding, I’m a big fan of Openhab :slight_smile: I just would like to see it even better :slight_smile: