New User and Plex Binding Issues

Hi I am new to openHAB, only my 3rd day experimenting; so please don’t be too hard on me if I get my terminology wrong or misunderstand any concepts :grinning:

I am having issues with my Plex Binding, I can receive status information but cannot send any control information, like pause or seek. I get the following error message:

“Error while sending command: Not Acceptable”

Using openHAB 1.8.1

Media Centre PC (Win 10) with Plex Server and Plex Media Player Preview 1.0.5

openHAB is also running on the media centre PC while I test

I am a Plex Pass user, use Plex Home and run my server securely with SSL

Anyone help me out here?

Unfortunately I can’t help other than to express solidarity and offer to help debug.

I’m in a remarkably similar boat: I’m a Plex Pass user, my server uses SSL, I can get status info, but control doesn’t seem to work, and the clock has just ticked over into my third day of playing with openHAB (which, I might add, I’m very impressed with so far).

However, there are a few differences as well. I’m using the latest beta of openHAB 2, my Plex server runs on Linux, the server is version, the client I’m trying to control is a Chromecast, and most troublingly, I don’t see anything in my logs that indicates an error; it just doesn’t work.

Here’s my plex.items:

Switch PlexTVPause      "Pause"         <video>     {plex="<clientid>#playback/pause"}
Switch PlexTVPlay       "Play"          <video>     {plex="<clientid>#playback/play"}

String PlexTVStatus     "Status [%s]"   <video>     {plex="<clientid>#state"}
String PlexTVTitle      "Title [%s]"    <video>     {plex="<clientid>#title"}

and my plex.sitemap:

sitemap plex label="Main Menu"
    Frame {
        Switch item=PlexTVPause
        Switch item=PlexTVPlay
        Text item=PlexTVTitle visibility=[PlexTVStatus!="Stopped"]

in case they help.

Up till now I’ve been assuming I simply didn’t have things configured correctly, but after seeing your post I wanted to chime in since our problems seemed so similar. Hopefully we’ll be able to track down the cause.

(Edited to redact client ID. I have no idea whether I should consider it private or not, so I’m playing it safe. Sorry if I’m being too paranoid :smile:)

I have the same issue. Openhab 1.8.1. Plex pass. Not SSH server. I can read status but not send commands


Have a look at this thread.

You need the latest binding snapshot (not the stable one). However, it’s not working for me. Seems to work for others.

I think this might help.

"Note: not all Plex clients support all properties. Status properties work on all platforms, except for the power property in the web client. Navigation commands are not support by the Android nor the web client."

I can send commands to the chromecast via OH but not to my LG tv. I use the connectsdk binding to send the play and pause commands instead when I’m using plex on my tv. I think you can use exec binding to send pause and play commands to your pc tho.

I have a Roku and a Chromecast so will give them a go as clients and see how I get on. I will give it a try this weekend.