New User been dedicated but really stuck now

Hi Im New to the forum and a total noob to raspberry and openhab… Ive installed openhab now 11 times after breaking systems etc… I now have milights working and grouped as they should… Im stuck on configuring a few devices

  1. zwave ( stick usb)

I have server online etc but im stuck trying to add fibaro smoke detectors rf remote commands for my projection screen.

  1. Harmony binding… shows online, displays activities and devices but will not excute button presses etc.

  2. Nest thermostat binding… heads fried ive only got as far as installing binding.

  3. using hue emulation… I have hue bridge emulation seen and connected in my logitech harmony but no devices which makes since as I havent been able to add any. Hue status in habmin says about deleting username in config as error occured.

Has anyone any idea so far im loving this software its took a while to get my head round but has been rock solid so far…

I have non of your Equipment so i cannot really help. But it is always a good idea to focus on one thing.


cheers Thomas, yeah I have been focusing on one thing, then progressing to next one… Milights and sonoff works brilliant with openhab and was easy for a tech savy noob…

I would like to figure out the zwave… I installed the zway binding and have the server showing online after alot of reading and searching the net… I just dont know how to discover the devices… I thought the fibaro co2 was only a matter of pressing the button 3 times then run inclusion but to no avail ive been at this every night now for almost 3 months so its been a long road… I just hope someone can shed some light on it…

zwave is still in my drawer ,so sorry, no idea on this

This sounds like an inclusion problem which is outside the scope of OH.

Zwave devices get included into your network usually by pressing a button on the controller and another button or combo of buttons on the device. I usually unplug my controller completely from the server and physically take it over to the device.

Once the device is known by the controller the binding will have access to it.

One thing to be cautious about is that it can often take a number of forced wakeups of battery powered devices before the bindings can fully interrogate the devices to figure out what they are.

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ok cheers Rich, my zwave is a usb serial device was a nightmare to setup, now its on my local ip range in paper ui showing zway server online and also in habmin… this may seem odd but how do i catch rf remote commands? they all are zwave compatible… and is it best using zway software to configure items or is there a way through OH?

Thanks for the response and any further help is appreciated

You pair the remotes with the controller and link Items to the various channels for that remote.

You can configure zwave devices through Habmin but only if you are using the zwave binding, not the zway binding. I don’t know how to do anything in the zway binding.

cheers, i’m using my raspberry openhab with a zwave stick, I installed the server in paper ui, but cant seem to figure out the correct procedure to listen to rf “commands” so i can bind rf devices… I have set my server in inclusion mode and stick is flashing but now i unsure the next step

You need to look in the manual for the remote to see how to put the remote in pair mode. You then put the controller in include mode, put the remote into pair mode and the remote should join the controller’s network. It will now show up in the inbox. I don’t know the zway binding but with the zwave binding the device will probably show up as unknown until you wake the remote UI a bunch of times. Search the forum for minimote and you will find a thread with procedures for the Aeontech Minimote.

cheers Rich, I’ll post my progress… thanks for the help… yeah seems logical lol my brain was tired yesterday lol…

Ok so far Ive got the Hue emulation running and have Hub showing online, but unable to discover devices…

I restarted systeml files and erased username from conf file… and hey presto online within 5 mins… now for the next part…

Hi Guys, ok so far Ive now fibaros smoke linked and showing online… I had to use zway as server as zwave didnt have my detectors listed in database. I have my harmony elite configured and it shows online… when in paper ui I can control and send commands perfectly, but when accessing on basic gui and habpanel I cant seem to change or select function I can only see activity status of hub and for other hub items I cant send commands it only displays name of the other device no function or button press… I seem to have it configured correctly but not showin in basic ui is there something else I have to do to add it to the item…

I have added hub as thing
I have linked channel to item
I have added devices as things and linked to appropriate channels but unable to change states through Basic ui and Habpanel

(Habpanel) I add harmony as iFrame but shoes error 404 within widget)

Even if you stick with the zway binding, the community would benefit if you added them to the zwave binding DB at some point:

There isn’t enough detail of what you have done to solve your problem.

Why sort of Items have you created? What sort of widget did you use to add them to Habpanel?

Did you create a .sitemap file to define what and how Items get presented in BasicUI?

Hi Rich Sorry just wondering how I can contribute to OH, such as adding
devices in the database… Ive been playing about with the two, zway seems
easy for beginners with its clean gui and “app” installations process…
but I think zwave is much easier to integrate the devices within openhab,
this is just what I found and maybe wrong… also… when configuring the
harmony its seems to be sitemap issues which im currently exploring, so far
everythings working as should, once ive my devices all done ill work on the
lighting seens and start creating recipes or rulles as I understand OH
calls it…

The link I provided is the to database which has instructions for how to request an editing account so add your device.

I don’t know zway but would surprised if it were all that different from zwave to map devices to Things and Channels to Items than the zwave binding. For the most part these bindings automatically discover the devices and once you have your Things it is all the same from the OH perspective.

When you get to Rules, have a look at examples, particularly the Design Pattern postings on the forum for some good generic ways to implement common capabilities.