New User - OpenHab Zwave setup

I’m coming to OpenHab from a home automation server that I wrote in NodeJS and my lights are on a Zwave network using a VRC0P-1LW. I’m having problems with OpenHab detecting my Zwave setup.

Some more info:
Windows 10
I noticed that the VRC0P v1 is supported but I don’t know which version I have other than a part number “002-VRC0P-1LW”. Is this v2?
My Zwave equipment consists of the VRC0P, a Leviton vizia rf + Installer Tool plugged into a USB port, and I use the Leviton Vizia RF + installer tool software to add switches, etc. (No handheld programmer).
The VRC0P uses Com5

During OpenHab scan, I come up with a Z-Wave Serial Controller that I change settings. (Only ports listed are Com1 and Com5). Is this for the installer stick or the VRC0P? Either port does not get any detected nodes.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I’m not familiar with any of this hardware. One of these is presumably the Zwave controller. Is the VRC0P a controller? It’s not clear from the docs but it looks like it is a Zwave device, not a controller. Similarly, a quick scan of the Vizia RF is not clear whether this device is a controller or some other type of administration tool.

The OH zwave binding requires a Zwave controller. The Aeotec Gen 5 Zwave controller is popular but be careful to look for one that is appropriate for your region. Once you have a controller you would go through a pairing process to join the individual devices to the Zwave network “owned” by that Zwave controller. The Zwave binding will query the Zwave dongle for all the nodes that are part of it’s network and create the interface (i.e. Things) to expose them to openHAB.

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My understanding is that the VRC0P is a controller, but I think it acts as a secondary controller. I need the installation stick to add devices and saves the network settings, but when I “update” the controller, the software points to the VRC0P. I’ve tried to change it to the primary controller but it’s not listed in the selection list. In OpenHab, the zwave serial controller says “OFFLINE - BRIDGE_OFFLINE”.

I was checking to see if anyone has setup a VRC0P in OpenHab.