New user with high fan speed

I loaded Openhab and my Mac will run its fan at high speed. These might not be associated, but the timing tells me I should ask around. Does the install or running Openhab cause a change in the SMC, which is one of the fixes for loud fan noise? or any other thoughts?

Which version are you running?

Going out on a limb here: do not install a current snapshot, they contain a bug that will eat up all processor resources. But the latest milestone built (2.5M1) is running stable, you can find them under “Stable”

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Re Installation might going to work.

I installed Openhab 2.4 which i believe is a ‘stable’ version

OK 2.4 is not bad, but you may want to pick 2.5M1, there have been quite a few changes between the two versions.
You have still not said much, so here more questions:

  • any errors in the OH log
  • did you go through the list of prerequisites and check whether the correct Java version is installed
  • any errors in your system log
  • does OH2 start (if not describe what happens)
  • does it function (if not describe)
  • how long is your fan running (e.g. is it only during the first start-up, always, only for the first few mins)

Root cause is still undetermined but possibly due to a faulty temperature sensor, which is replaced and no fan noise since. The above question was asked sine the issue coincided with installing software for Openhab.