New User - X10/Brultech 1240s, GE Concord 4 alarm and more

ok so I am a homeseer user and looking to test this out. I like what I see but there are a few things I do not know if are capable.

  • X10 switches (using TI-103 controller) (23890w 2 way togglelinc switches) and MS13A 310mhz motion sensors via a W800 receiver
  • Concord 4 alarm via superbus 2000 automation module - serial
  • 2x brultech 1240’s going to get 2 more

that is a quick start… do these seem doable in openHAB?

I also use zwave, rfxcom

X10 support in OH is pretty weak. There is a Mochad binding but it doesn’t seem to be in the list any longer and even so, it only works with two controllers and yours are not those.

X10 never became popular in Europe (most of the users here are European) and it has fallen out of favor in the US so there isn’t a lot of demand.

I don’t see a Superbus binding but if it talks REST HTTP, MQTT, TCP/UDP, Serial, or if you can write command line scripts that OH can execute you can integrate it.

You can use the Serial binding to communicate with these over RS-232. Zigbee is not yet supported in OH but is in work for OH 2.

Zwave and rfxcom both have good support.

How many x10 devices do you have? (I wasn’t sure if you were listing device types or devices up there.) If it’s a lot, you might consider using an insteon hub. That has a good openhab binding, and is also backwards compatible with x10. Plus then you can also buy/use more modern insteon gear, if you should so choose.

It’s unfortunate; I gave away my x10 computer interfaces and devices a few weeks ago. Never even occurred to me to check to see if the OH x10 binding needed work. D’oh…

See this thread… I have both a Brultech ECM-1240 and a GEM running in my setup. I moved my ECM to the main panel when I bought the GEM, but both are tied up to (one direct serial, one over wifi)