New Vallox Binding [WIP]

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Hi all,

I’ve been developing a binding for older Vallox SE model air ventilation units. To be exact, I continued @SuperOok’s work. Now I made PR #6459 to get it someday merged in to the official release. The main goal would be to combine this and @bjoernbrings 's
Vallox MV binding and release a binding that handles all types and models of Vallox.

You can download the bundle from jFrog: org.openhab.binding.vallox-2.5.0-SNAPSHOT.jar or install in straight from Eclipse Marketplace. For now this binding supports only SE models. Not the newer MV.

Here’s also a link to my github repo containing the source code. Have a look and tell me if you find anything to fix.



Serial connection testers are needed. :wave: New build is on it’s way. If encounter any errors or triubles, send me trace logs and comment into github if it’s something specific.


Edit #1:
Looks like the build is still queued. And I found some bugs that most likely prevents the serial part working so no hurry in testing.

Edit #2:
New build is now available.


Newest build now contains some new internal functionality that should be tested by more people than me. For example ValloxMV binding is now combined in it. Could some of you Vallox MV (org.openhab.binding.valloxmv) users test and confirm that everything works as expected? Serial connection is finalized and tested but only in my dev environment. So if there’s a volunteer with for example openHAB -> usb -> rs485 connection testing is needed.