New Wave manufacturer

@chris It looks like the new Dragon Tech products may have a new manufacturer associated with them. I just installed a WD-100, and it showed up as unknown. When I uploaded the new XML to the database, it warned that the manufacturer didn’t exist, and I can’t seem to find a way to add it.

I did notice when purchasing the device that Dragon Tech is actually now selling in North America as “Z-Wave Products”. The manufacturer ID in the attributes is 0315.


Can you see if you can find the product on the zwave alliance website? If not I’ll add something and we can always update it later…

Perfect - thanks. I’ve added it…

I’m assuming I’ll need to install a snapshot of the binding if I want to make use of that update sooner than later. I’m curious if you’ve ever considered trying to make the database updates decoupled from the binding so they could be pushed out without needing binding updates? Obviously I haven’t really stuff into the code so perhaps they’re far to integrated for that to be a realistic option.

Yes - I’ve considered it, but currently ESH doesn’t really support this unless I wrote my own system to read the XML. ESH only reads these files from the binding, and only on startup.

However, it’s also worth noting that errors in the database can stop the binding working just like a software bug, so it makes some sense to validate the data and the actual software.

Fair enough…I figured there may be a limitation such as that. My thought was that it seems burdensome to both debs and users to have to update the binding every time a device is added. But as you noted, there are trade-offs either way. It likely would help if bindings were less tightly coupled…it’ a reasonable bit of work to switch to using a non-production version of a binding when using a production version of OH.

@chris Is there anything else I need to do on my end? I tried the latest snapshot of the binding tonight, but it doesn’t seem to have the device in it. I tried adding the device to the database again last night and tonight, but its saying thingid contains invalid characters. I tried looking at the XML in my editor and nothing seemed amiss.

I haven’t done an export of the database since this was added I think, so it won’t be in the compiled binding yet. I’ll look at doing an update tonight.

Sounds good. Will I need the two entries fixed before then? Is there anything I can do to fix them (being as the XML seems to look fine on my end)?

No - it’s just the naming that’s at error - I’ve fixed it. If you have a manual, and a manufactures picture that you can upload it would be useful though :slight_smile: .

@chris Tried out the latest binding snapshot tonight. The dimmer and switch show up now, but it looks like a few things are off/missing:

  • It shows 2 scene number channels, and when I add/link the item, it sets them both to the same thing. I’ll include a screenshot from HABmin
  • It doesn’t seem to send any info to the channels (according to the wave info logs), which I think is related to the next item:
  • Seems to be missing configuration params: these should be able to configure the ramp up/down time for dimming (similar to the GE dimmers), and have an association group (at least my older version of the switch did, which I set to the controller)…I’m guessing that’s needed for the scene info to be passed properly

I’m happy to make the changes in the database if you point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Easiest solution is to remove one - choose which you’d prefer and I’ll remove the other one. I would guess CENTRAL_SCENE is probably best to keep.

What “info” do you expect. I’m not completely sure how this is linked to the configuration so please describe what you mean.[quote=“feens, post:12, topic:27962”]
Seems to be missing configuration param

What configuration parameters do you mean? Do you mean traditional zwave configuration parameters - if so, there don’t appear to be any defined for these devices, so this would be correct. If there are configuration parameters required, you need to add them (and also the manual and a manufacturers image would be useful).

The DragonTech (same switch, different manufacturer naming) has scene number with type of “CONFIGURATION”.

Sorry, I should’ve been more specific. I don’t receive any events (i.e. scene or dimmer/switch changing state), so my rules, etc don’t work.

If you look at the Dragon Tech code (in the zwave repo) for the equivalent of these switches, there’s config params for things like: orientation, dim level increment, step duration, and association groups. These switches ARE the same switches as the Dragon Tech ones, they’re just using a different name in North America, so I would expect that everything should be the same as the DT versions. Here’s where they are in the repo:

I will upload some pics this weekend when I get a sec.


:confused: sorry - I don’t understand how this relates to the question. To be clear(er), the question was do you want to keep central_scene or scene_activation.

Ok, you can copy these over in the database - there’s a copy function in the top right menu. If you’re not confident to do this I’ll take a look when I get a chance.

I’ve copied those over. I’m assuming you’ll still need to remove the extra scene channel as I can’t see a way to do that. Here’s what I meant by my previous comment on that:

The Dragon Tech WD-100 shows this in the scene section:

<channel id="scene_number_param0" typeId="scene_number"> <label>Scene Number</label> <properties> <property name="binding:*:DecimalType">CONFIGURATION</property> </properties> </channel>
So it doesn’t really indicate which one (central or just scene) that it’s using. On the other hand, the WS-100 seems to:

<channel id="scene_number" typeId="scene_number"> <label>Scene Number</label> <properties> <property name="binding:*:DecimalType">CENTRAL_SCENE</property> </properties> </channel>

So given that I’d assume CENTRAL_SCENE is what we want to keep.