New Weather Underground binding for Eclipse SmartHome / openHAB2

(Sean Morrison) #21

I can’t find the version number, however according to the website the current version is .8 released in June of 2016. I downloaded it at the same time as OpenHab2 released so I’m pretty sure its version .8. If I just change my things file like I have it above and restart openhab the binding fails and I have no weather data.

(Lolodomo) #22

Use at least the official 2.0 version of openHAB.

(Sean Morrison) #23

I thought you were asking about the designer version. I’m running version 2.0.0 of openhab.

(Lolodomo) #24

What is your thing file when the binding is failing ? What error is mentioned in Paper UI ?

The designer error is one thing (not blocking); the binding loading error is not normal and probably due to an error in your thing file.

(Sean Morrison) #25

So if I try and do anything inside paper ui with the weather underground binding as soon as I hit save it says, Error 409 conflict. I don’t use paperui I normally just use the designer as it gives me more control over things.

I only put in the things file, the line I posted above just Channels and the one temperature item, soon as I do that, binding fails.

(Lolodomo) #26

Setup your thing fully either with Paper UI or with a thing file.

I will try again with your example thing file.

When you say the binding fails, what error is reported by the binding ?

(Sean Morrison) #27

I could use some advice in that arena, I don’t fully understand the Karaf console. How do I turn on the debug for the weather underground binding, because just watching the log I don’t see any errors, I just look in my sitemap and see that nothing to do with the binding gets populated.

(Lolodomo) #28

First check the status ​of your thing in Paper UI. If the thing is ONLINE, the binding is working and setup is OK.
Then of course you should have linked channels of your thing to items. You can do it in Paper UI or in config files.
Then you can check the values reported by the binding in Paper UI (control menu).
If you setup your sitemap to include your items, they will be available in any UI (basic UI, …).
To enable debug logs: log:set DEBUG org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.weatherunderground

(Lolodomo) #29

I can confirm the unexpected error when using Designer 0.8 released on June 15, 2016.
But there is no error when using Designer recent snapshot.

(Sean Morrison) #30

So all I did was download the new designer and did everything the same as before and now it works! Thanks a bunch… seems strange so I bet I messed something else up, but either way, awesome and thank you for your work on this binding.

(martiniman) #31

WeatherUnderground Binding uninstalls when i update OH2 via apt udate/upgrade.
After update i go to Paper UI binding install page and install it.
And weatherunderground:weather:caf31809:current#heatIndex and
weatherunderground:weather:caf31809:current#windChill always show NaN.
How to fix this issues?

(Martin Tamke) #32

Thanks - a really nice Binding - some remarks for Newbies - might go into the documentation

  1. in order to load this binding into Openhab2 one needs to install the “Eclipse IoT Market” Binding first. It is placed under Misc in the openhab2 Addons/Binding section
  2. In the Things section: The Binding has a default refresh rate of 30min. One can define a quicker refresh - the minimum is though 5 minutes. The syntax is here: refresh=[minutes]. For example:
    Thing weatherunderground:weather:PRG "Propeller " [ apikey=“APIKEY”, location=“pws:IMVASTRA6”, language=“EN”, refresh=5 ]
  3. In the Things section: Channels which do not have a “Configuration property” may not have a “SourceUnit” defined. Else they do not load.
    Obviously a no brainer, but it took me 10min to understand anyway.

@Lolodomo : The 10 day forecast in the wunderground webside shows cloudcover ( eg. here ) . This parameter could be nicely used to calculate the Solar Radiation in places, where this is not available. However I cannot find it in your Binding (and it might actually not be resolved in the Wunderground API). Do you think, you can implement it?

(Paul Hansen) #33

Are all Channels without configuration ID’s implemented by default? Or do we need to add them to the Things file, too?

Eg. relativeHUmidity, windDirection and windDirectionDegrees?

Also, is the sorlarRadiation spelt wrong in the wiki, but actually solarRadiation in a configuration scenario?

(Lolodomo) #34

Channels without configuration are provided in a unique unit by WU. No need to set any configuration for these channels.

I don’t understand your question relative to Solar radiation.

(davorf) #35


I guess he’s referring to soRlarRadiation in Wiki, and asks if it should be used as solarRadiation instead (without extra R in the name).

Best regards,

(Lolodomo) #36

Certainly a typo in wiki.

(Lolodomo) #37

The binding is now an official Eclipse Smarthome binding included in openHAB distribution starting at snapshot 992.

As soon as openHAB 2.2 will be relased, I will suppress the version from the marketplace.

(Gordon E Larsen) #38

Has something changed with this integration related to the use of the various links to the icon urls? For example, weatherunderground_weather_d85a4934_current_iconUrl (Type=StringItem, State=NULL, Label=null, Category=null)
always shows the state as NULL now. The other iconUrl items are the same. This change with the conversion to the distribution binding from the market binding.
During a restart with the binding set for TRACE, this appears in the log:

2017-07-26 15:49:33.215 [DEBUG] [nd.handler.WeatherUndergroundHandler] - Update channel current#iconUrl: Can't get value: org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.weatherunderground.internal.json.WeatherUndergroundJsonCurrent.getIconUrl()


(Lolodomo) #39

I was requested to replace icon URL by icon image. So the channel name has changed and the channel has to be linked to an image item now.

(Gordon E Larsen) #40

I must have missed the info on that change somewhere along the line. What is the channel called now? I can’t find anything in my listing in habmin or paperui that is an icon.