New Weather Underground binding for Eclipse SmartHome / openHAB2

(Lolodomo) #41

Binding documentation is not yet available in (will be probably soon) but you can find it here

(Gordon E Larsen) #42

Sorry, but following the format in the README still gives me this:

CurrentIcon -> weatherunderground:weather:d85a4934:current#icon
ForecastIcon -> weatherunderground:weather:d85a4934:forecastToday#icon
ForecastIcon2 -> weatherunderground:weather:d85a4934:forecastDay2#icon
ForecastIcon1 -> weatherunderground:weather:d85a4934:forecastTomorrow#icon
openhab> smarthome:items list |grep Icon
CurrentIcon (Type=ImageItem, State=NULL, Label=Icon, Category=null)
ForecastIcon (Type=ImageItem, State=NULL, Label=Forecast icon, Category=null)
ForecastIcon1 (Type=ImageItem, State=NULL, Label=Forecast icon, Category=null)
ForecastIcon2 (Type=ImageItem, State=NULL, Label=Forecast icon, Category=null)

What am I missing?


(Lolodomo) #43

Are you running OH snapshot 992 ?

(Gordon E Larsen) #44

Yes I am.

(Gordon E Larsen) #45

Actually, I just installed snapshot 993. Completely removed and reinstalled openhab2, with a new instance of weatherunderground as well. Reran discovery and updated the links in my weatherunderground.items file and now have the icons. Don’t know exactly what was wrong, but something must have collided during the transition from the market binding to the distribution version. Thanks for your help.

(Kai Kreuzer) #46

Now it is:

(Lolodomo) #47

Thank you Kai

(Stefan) #48

I use the binding and find it great.

Would it be possible to add the channel for “storm and thunder alarm” (in GERMAN “Unwetterwarnung”)?

Thank you so much


(Michael Joos) #49


I’m using latest snapshot together with weather1-binding and rotini:

For current and forecast-conditions the commonId is expected:

Tried to change now to the new weather underground binding, but it seems that this is not supported, right? Any ideas to implement this? And second…how to use the item “icon”? It’s not possible to use it in BasicUI, isn’t it?


(Lolodomo) #50

Yes, commonId is not implemented. It is not in the Yahoo Weather too. If I am right, commonId was mainly used to display an icon ? We started a discussion on how in ESH we could have an iconset for weather bindings … but the discussion is pending. Maybe the commonId should be considered.

For the weather conditions icon, you can use an Image item to display it in UI.

(T Dods) #51

Thank you for the binding. I have been using OH1 WU binding, and have things and items files set up with that. The terminology all looks the same, but when i install the OH2 WU binding with those config files (uninstall the OH1 binding too), the Thing does not show up in PaperUI. Are there any changes I need to make in the config files when moving from OH1 WU binding to OH2 WU binding? (The sample configs looked similar.) Thank you.

(Lolodomo) #52

Oh yes, the setup of the binding is very different. Please consult the new binding documentation.

(T Dods) #53

Ok, I will look over some more. I had thought the demo things and items files looked the same to what i had.

ie, my thing starts

Thing weatherunderground:weather:wilton "Wilton, CT" [ apikey="XXXX", location="12345", language="EN", refresh=15 ]  {
        Type temperature : current#temperature [ SourceUnit="F" ]
	Type windSpeed : current#windSpeed [ SourceUnit="mph" ]
        Type windSpeed : current#windGust [ SourceUnit="mph" ]
        Type pressure : current#pressure [ SourceUnit="inHg" ]

(Lolodomo) #54

I believed we would like to use OH 1 weather config with the OH 2 bonding… Not possible.
If you have an old WU OH 2 binding, only few channels have changed.

(T Dods) #55

Thanks for the help. I am on the latest snapshot, and have the 2.2 snapshot binding for WU installed. It just wont initiate, using files or the PaperUI. Anyone see an issue with my .things and .items files?

Thing weatherunderground:weather:wilton "Wilton, CT" [ apikey="XXXX", location="06897", language="EN", refresh=15 ]  {
	    Type temperature : current#temperature [ SourceUnit="F" ]
        Type windSpeed : current#windSpeed [ SourceUnit="mph" ]
        Type windGust : current#windGust [ SourceUnit="mph" ]
        Type pressure : current#pressure [ SourceUnit="inHg" ]
        Type dewPoint : current#dewPoint [ SourceUnit="F" ]
        Type heatIndex : current#heatIndex [ SourceUnit="F" ]
        Type windChill : current#windChill [ SourceUnit="F" ]
        Type feelingTemperature : current#feelingTemperature [ SourceUnit="F" ]
        Type visibility : current#visibility [ SourceUnit="mi" ]
        Type rainDay : current#precipitationDay [ SourceUnit="in" ]
        Type rainHour : current#precipitationHour [ SourceUnit="in" ]
        Type minTemperature : forecastToday#minTemperature [ SourceUnit=F" ]
        Type maxTemperature : forecastToday#maxTemperature [ SourceUnit="F" ]
        Type rainDay : forecastToday#precipitationDay [ SourceUnit="in" ]
        Type snow : forecastToday#snow [ SourceUnit="in" ]
        Type maxWindSpeed : forecastToday#maxWindSpeed [ SourceUnit="mph" ]
        Type averageWindSpeed : forecastToday#averageWindSpeed [ SourceUnit="mph" ]


String Condition0 "Conditions [%s]" {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#conditions"}
Image Icon0 "Icon" {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#icon"}
DateTime ObservationTime0 "Observation time [%1$tH:%1$tM %1$tp]" <clock>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#observationTime"}
String Location "Location [%s]" {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#location"}
String Station "Station [%s]" {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#stationId"}
Number Temperature_F "Current temperature [%.1f °F]" <temperature> {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#temperature"}
Number FeelTemp "Feeling temperature [%.1f °F]" <temperature>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#feelingTemperature"}
Number Humidity "Humidity [%d %%]" <humidity> {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#relativeHumidity"}
Number Pressure "Pressure [%.0f inHg]" {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#pressure"}
Number RainD "Rain [%.2f in]" <rain> {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#precipitationDay"}
Number RainH "Rain [%.1f in/h]" <rain> {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#precipitationHour"}
String WindDirection "Wind direction [%s]" <wind> {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#windDirection"}
Number WindDirection2 "Wind direction [%.0f °]" <wind>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#windDirectionDegrees"}
Number WindSpeed "Wind speed [%.1f mph]" <wind> {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#windSpeed"}
Number WindGust "Wind gust [%.1f mph]" <wind> {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#windGust"}
Number DewPoint "Dew Point [%.1f °F]" <temperature>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#dewPoint"}
Number HeatIndex "Heat Index [%.1f °F]" <temperature>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#heatIndex"}
Number WindChill "Wind Chill [%.1f °F]" <temperature>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#windChill"}
Number Visibility "Visibility [%.1f mi]" {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#visibility"}
Number SolarRadiation "Solar Radiation [%.2f] W/m2"  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#solarRadiation"}
Number UV "UV Index [%.1f]" {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#UVIndex"}

DateTime ForecastTime1 "Forecast time [%1$tH:%1$tM]" <clock>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#forecastTime"}
String ForecastCondition1 "Forecast conditions [%s]"  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#conditions"}
String ForecastIconUrl "Forecast icon URL [%s]"  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#iconUrl"}
Number ForecastTempMin1 "Forecast min temp [%.1f °F]" <temperature>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#minTemperature"}
Number ForecastTempMax1 "Forecast max temp [%.1f °F]" <temperature>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#maxTemperature"}
Number ForecastHumidity "Forecast Humidity [%d %%]" <humidity>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#relativeHumidity"}
Number ForecastProbaPrecip1 "Proba precip [%d %%]" <rain>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#probaPrecipitation"}
Number ForecastRain1 "Rain [%.2f in]" <rain> {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#precipitationDay"}
Number ForecastSnow "Snow [%.2f in]" <rain> {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#snow"}
String ForecastMaxWindDirection "Max wind direction [%s]" <wind>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#maxWindDirection"}
Number ForecastMaxWindDirection2 "Max wind direction [%.0f °]" <wind>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#maxWindDirectionDegrees"}
Number ForecastMaxWindSpeed "Max wind speed [%.1f mph]" <wind>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#maxWindSpeed"}
String ForecastAvgWindDirection "Avg wind direction [%s]" <wind>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#averageWindDirection"}
Number ForecastAvgWindDirection2 "Avg wind direction [%.0f °]" <wind>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#averageWindDirectionDegrees"}
Number ForecastAvgWindSpeed "Avg wind speed [%.1f mph]" <wind>  {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:forecastToday#averageWindSpeed"}

Sorry to bother. thanks

(Lolodomo) #56

Note that there was a problem with snapshot 1012, WU binding and Sonos bindings were not started.

(T Dods) #57

thanks, having many issues with snapshots, so going back to 2.1 stable for a while.

(T Dods) #58

Ok, i have gone over each line, and this one seems to throw off everything, and removing it allows the data to flow into my other items. I dont use it anyway, but just what i found. Thanks again.

String Location "Location [%s]" {channel="weatherunderground:weather:wilton:current#location"}

(Mark McConnell) #59

Hi, Im Tryng to install the WU binding. I have the IOT marketplace installed in Paper UI. However Im unable to actually load the binding i get a 404 error flash up in the bottom right of the paper UI. if i click on the binding to go to the documentation i get a GitHub 404.

Are the links broken, is there a simple way way to install the WU Binding.


(Lolodomo) #60

The doc was probably a link to my git branch. This branch was removed after the binding was included in ESH official repo.
Official binding can now be found in OH 2.2 snapshots and its relative documentation can be found here
There are changes with the version I initially pushed in the marketplace.