New Weather Underground binding for Eclipse SmartHome / openHAB2

(Arno) #103

I have tried multiple values between 10 and 30 minutes. Very rarely I see two successful updates in series, but most of the time it alternates between successful and not successful.

(TechnoVol) #104

Changed my interval to every 5 minutes and so far no errors.

(Arno) #105

Didn’t change a thing for me.

(Oneofayykind) #106

Can anyone point me to where I can learn about the location and format of it? I know where to input this info, I just can’t figure out the format of it based on the example, outside of language is EN instead of FR.

(Lolodomo) #107

You can read the user manual

(Arno) #108

@Lolodomo Even though we don’t know what causes the failed web requests in regular intervals, could you maybe implement error handling that doesn’t set the values to UNDEF when a request fails? So when web request errorlevel > 0, return without updating?

That would very much limit the severity of the issue as the only effect for me currently would be half the update rate.

(Scott Rushworth) #109

I didn’t see this in the documentation yet. For anyone who is using a snapshot build and looking for the extended item types, here are some examples that worked in my items:

Number:Temperature Weather_Temp_F "Outside Temperature" [%.0f °F]" <temperature> (gWeather_Chart,gWeather,gTemperature) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:current#temperature"}
Number:Length Weather_Rain_Inches "Rain [%.1f in]" <rain> (gWeather) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:current#precipitationDay"}
Number:Length Weather_Visibility "Visibility [%.0f mi]" <rain> (gWeather) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:current#visibility"}
Number:Pressure Weather_Pressure_Inches "Pressure [%.1f inHg]" <none> (gWeather_Chart,gWeather) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:current#pressure"}
Number:Speed Weather_Wind_Speed_Mph "Wind Speed [%.0f mph]" <wind> (gWeather) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:current#windSpeed"}

Here is a setup for using UoM with groups…

Group:Number:Length:SUM gRainWeeklyForecast "Weekly rain forecast [%.1f in]" <rain>	(gWeather)
Number:Length Weather_Rain_Inches_0 "Rain (+0) [%.1f in]" <rain> (gWeather,gRainWeeklyForecast) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:forecastToday#precipitationDay"}
Number:Length Weather_Rain_Inches_1 "Rain (+1) [%.1f in]" <rain> (gWeather,gRainWeeklyForecast) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:forecastTomorrow#precipitationDay"}
Number:Length Weather_Rain_Inches_2 "Rain (+2) [%.1f in]" <rain> (gWeather,gRainWeeklyForecast) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:forecastDay2#precipitationDay"}
Number:Length Weather_Rain_Inches_3 "Rain (+3) [%.1f in]" <rain> (gWeather,gRainWeeklyForecast) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:forecastDay3#precipitationDay"}
Number:Length Weather_Rain_Inches_4 "Rain (+4) [%.1f in]" <rain> (gWeather,gRainWeeklyForecast) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:forecastDay4#precipitationDay"}
Number:Length Weather_Rain_Inches_5 "Rain (+5) [%.1f in]" <rain> (gWeather,gRainWeeklyForecast) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:forecastDay5#precipitationDay"}
Number:Length Weather_Rain_Inches_6 "Rain (+6) [%.1f in]" <rain> (gWeather,gRainWeeklyForecast) {channel="weatherunderground:weather:71ed51c0:forecastDay6#precipitationDay"}

(Mike Miller) #110

I think I may be missing something simple or trying to do something that isn’t possible. I am unable to get the current#icon to display on my sitemap as an icon for Current Conditions.

My sitemap looks like this:

At the risk of embarrassment at my intent at implementation, here is my thing and item definitions:

In my .things thing:

Type icon:current#icon


Image Icon "Icon" {channel="weatherunderground:weather:rockymount:current#icon"}


Frame label="WUnderground WX"{
            Text item=Conditions icon=Icon

If this is not possible, any other options. I am still very early on in developing how I want this to display in my basicui, which is why there is nothing else displayed at the moment. Thanks!

(Joachim Boeddeker) #111

You can’t use the image item named “Icon” as an icon.

You just can display the image item.

(Kai Mahnke) #112

I am using the binding in 2.30 snapshot 1246. The binding itself works very well, congrats @Lolodomo.
Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to change the units of the data - I would assume that if I change
Type temperature : current#temperature [ SourceUnit="F" ]
Type temperature : current#temperature [ SourceUnit="C" ]
I would get Celsius. I am probably wrong as the result is
10:40:26.983 [ERROR] [l.thing.internal.GenericThingProvider] - Channel type weatherunderground:conditions could not be resolved.
Has anybody successfully dealt with this issue?

(Scott Rushworth) #113

Three posts up from yours. TMK, UoM would be applied to the Item, not the Thing.

(Romain) #114


Thank you for this Weather Underground binding !

Not sure I’m in the right place : could you include a setting to force HTTPS requests to Weather Underground ? Weather Undergound supports HTTPS requests, and it would be useful for in-transit security of weather information used to automate, for instance, shutters (without HTTPS, it is possible for an attacker to modify the information sent by Weather Underground, to trigger the Openhab rules that use that information).



(Lolodomo) #115

Can you point where you saw that WU is providing HTTPS API ? I don’t find this on the weather underground web site.

(Romain) #116


Thanks for your interest.

The welcome email gives an example of an API call :,uk&APPID=yourID

I just call the API with an


prefix and I get the answser, on a trusted secured channel (certificate signed by Comodo)

(IanJ) #117

I was getting ready to install this binding and went to sign up for an API key only to find this on their forums:

Is there another source of weather data that we can use?

I found this:

(Christian) #118

On top of that Wunderground has an API-issue since some time (for some calls the API returns January dates).
Given the fact that they already discontinued the free API (no new keys) also makes me look for alternatives.

What about the Weather Binding?

(Johny Mielony) #120

Is that issue where every second api query is successful solved?
Or maybe this binding is dead?