New widget: dummy widget with two values?

Hi guys,
I am looking for a solution to show two item values in one widget.
More or less the existing dummy widget but with two values.
Has someone done something similiar?
Where I can see the source code of the dummy widget to maybe copy the coding from it?


I can’t help with HABPanal but I did move this to a more appropriate category. The Tutorials and Solutions category is interbreed to post solutions, not request solutions.

Due to the fact that no one replied I want to ask a different question related to this:
Is there a chance to modify the existing dummy widget? Can the dummy widget be imported as a custom widget? If yes, we’re I get the source code from?


what exactly do you want to achieve, display 2 values from a device (status + battery etc) or compare 2 values?

Yes indeed, I would like to use it to display information of my solar equipment.
e.g. Power Grid in / Power Grid out or Battery status / battery charge or discharge

The simplest possibility is a template widget and then enter the values directly. For example so.

<div style="font-size: 1vw;">
  Küche 1 : <spam ng-style="{ color: itemValue('TQKueche2')=='OFF'?'red':'green' }">
  	{{itemValue('TQKueche1')| number:1  }}</spam><br>
  Küche 2 : <spam ng-style="{ color: itemValue('TQKueche2')=='OFF'?'red':'green' }">
    {{itemValue('TQKueche2')| number:1  }}</spam><br>
  Küche 3 : <spam ng-style="{ color: itemValue('TQKueche3')=='OFF'?'red':'green' }">
  	{{itemValue('TQKueche3')| number:1  }}</spam><br>
  Küche 4 : <spam ng-style="{ color: itemValue('TQKueche4')=='OFF'?'red':'green' }">
    {{itemValue('TQKueche4')| number:1  }}</spam><br>