New Z-Way Binding

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(Patrick) #101

This is a good hint. The data is already provided by the Z-Way API but is nowhere displayed. I could add two channels to each device (thing): last update from device and last update from Z-Way. However, the properties of the channels would probably be the better solution, but in my opinion, these are nowhere displayed. What would you prefer: seperate channels or channel properties?

I think the conversation and the review of the pull request on Github are crucial. Perhaps there are some testers who write a short experience report in the conversation of the pull requests.

I think the easiest would be to follow (watch) my Github projects: forked openhab2-addons and ZWay-OpenHABConnector

(Mihai Badea) #102

Well, I’m not sure I can suggest something because I quite new to openHAB, but, if you add this as channels I know how to display the timestamp on my sitemap :grinning: If you add them as properties I think they can only be viewed in Paper UI and/or HABmin.

(Mihai Badea) #103

I just commented there. No sure that what I wrote is a “review”, but… :blush:

(Patrick) #104

Many thanks for your help. I’ll add the update times as channels in the next days.

(Stein Tore) #105

Hi @pathec, thanks again for this binding.
I’ve been using for some time now and I thought it started to be ready for a merge, but over the last month or so I’ve experienced that OpenHab is not getting updated from Z-way.
Might be something with the OpenHabConnector?

The updates works fine from OpenHab to Z-way, but the other way around only updates on the timed interval.

I cannot find anything in the logs on my z-way-server to check if the connector is working or not.

Any suggestions on how to debug this further?

I tried cloning the Openhab Connector again 2-3 days ago, but the problem is still there.

Are there any way of debugging the connector?

(Patrick) #106


Thanks for the kind words. I will edit Kai’s comments as soon as I can.

In Z-Way, you can view the list of devices with the last state. For each entry “OK” should be displayed.

The Z-Way logfile can be found at /var/log/z-way-server.log. This contains more information.

(Stein Tore) #107

The strange thing in the view you refer to is that the field called “Last notification” is old. It is from the end of december, does this mean that the connector has not sent any notifications to openhab since then?

I tried to reset the configuration in openhab, and make sure the name of the OpenHAB Alias is the same in openhab and registered to the connector.

This seemed to trigger a reconnection, but still the “Last notification” field is not updated.

(Patrick) #108

Yes, does this affect all devices? Will Z-Way show more recent values for the devices?

Please perform the following command once: http://Z_WAY_IP:8083/ZAutomation/api/v1/devices/OpenHabConnector/command/refreshListener.

This should solve the problem one time. Normally this is also done with every change in openHAB. Can you check in the terminal if any errors have occurred for the affacted item or thing for example with: grep "ITEMNAME" /opt/openhab2/userdata/logs/openhab.log (change ITEMNAME to the value from the second column of openHAB connector list).

(Stein Tore) #109

Thanks, the refresh did not work though,
but I looked at your code and ran:

This seem to be working.

I have an additional question on one of the channels:

Thermostat operation (24.0)
The channel allows the control or display of a thermostat (mode). A thermostat can have up to three states (modes): off, heating and cooling. The state of heating and cooling is alternately set at the state on.

The only way here is to define the OpenHAB-item as a String and check the value of it?
Can you also please elaborate when the value will be “HEATING”, “COOLING” or “ON” ?

(Patrick) #110

That’s a problem of Z-Way. Thermostat modes are mapped incorrectly to virtual devices, only as binary switches. An “on” command in Z-Way sets the mode alternately (1 - heating / 2 - cooling) and an “off” command sets the mode 0 (off). However, many Z-Wave thermostats have several modes. The problem is known and worked on the Z-Way developers.

As a workaround I’ve implemented the thermostat command class as channel (see immage). Here you can set the thermostat mode, e.g. for stella-z thermostats: 1 (frost protection), 0 (energy saving) or 11 (comfort). Note: if the value changes outside of openHAB, it is not updated directly in openHAB, only during a polling. Whether your HeatIt thermostats support the thermostat command class I can not recognize directly from the manual.

What does not work is the command class configuration. Do you change the configuration parameter 12 during the runtime or only once during configuration?

(Avner) #111

I do have an Aeonlab zstick gen5 as my zwaver controller and I’m stuck, for over 2 months, with initialisation of a motion sensor as discussed here.
Since the problem is within the database of supported zwave devices, which I don’t know how to resolve, I’m considering to use the zway binding instead of the zwave binding.
I have two questions:

  • Will the Z-Way software license key, work with the Aeonlab zstick gen5 zwave controller?
  • Does the Z-Way software operate based the zwave database or some other database? (would it support the HSM100 motion sensor?)


(Patrick) #112


To my knowledge Z-Way works with the UZB stick or RazBerry only.


(Jakob Jensen) #113

There seems to be some kind of bug in The Z-Way Binding, making use of it via Paper UI fail.

(Thomas) #114

Is the binding in the final openhab 2.0 the latest or should I download another one? The roller shutters are all offline (Error occurred when performing polling.)

EDIT: Oh and I’m using 2.3.0-rc10 of z-way becaufe of problems with fibaro dimmer 2

(Patrick) #115

Thank you for your message. I’ve fixed the problem. Can you please confirm new version? Delete thing first and recreate it after update. New version:

I’ll check this …


(Patrick) #116

Can you please describe the problem in more detail? The dimmer and binary switch function should work. What virtual devices does Z-Way generate for the Fibaro Dimmer 2? According to the manual, a dimmer, a binary switch and a display for power and energy consumption should be generated.

(Thomas) #117

Hello Patrick,

it was a test because dimmer 2 never completed interview. The rc10 did it.
Back to 2.2 I’ll test your new binding. Thank you and I will tell the result!

(Mihai Badea) #118

Hello Patrick!
Any news about adding the “last seen” timestamp?
I’m using ZWay Binding
Everything else was perfectly! :smile:

(Patrick) #119

Hello Mihai Badea

Unfortunately, some work came in between, but I think I’ll get to it on the next days. I’ll write to you as soon as I implement it.


(Patrick) #120

Hello Mihai Badea,

I added a channel to display the last update. New version for testing: If you could test it would be great.