New Zwave device causes warning

Last week I included a Zooz ZEN30 into my system and everything included smoothly on the first try and I didn’t see any kind of errors in the logs. The next day I noticed the logs had quite a few of the following warnings:

[WARN ] [otocol.serialmessage.ApplicationUpdateMessageClass] - TODO: Implement Application Update Request Handling of New ID Assigned (64).

It is generated a lot during heals but does show up periodically during the day also.

I searched through the forums and found some mentions of this error but they all had other issues. My device works perfectly, from what I can tell, other than the warning. I waited about a week to see if the issue would sort itself but I still got the error. So, I decided to exclude and re-include the device. Once excluded the warning in the logs went away. I waited a day and re-included the device (Node 30). I started a manual heal of the device shortly after including and the warning returned.

Is this something I should be concerned with?

I’ve attached a link to my log file starting with the ZEN30 inclusion and ending shortly after the nightly heal.



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@chris any hints here?

I forgot to mention that I’m fairly certain the warnings are the result of:


entries in the log. I believe @chris has commented in another thread that is was unusual but I don’t think there was ever a resolution.

I just realized I think @5iver has one of these.

I have one but have not seen this warning.

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I doubt that this command is linked (directly) to the device - ie I don’t think it’s the device that sends this but I need to have another read up on it). Do you have another controller in your network?

I do not. Only the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5.