New Zwave device support Zooz ZSE33 Smart Chime

Hello all!
Need help with a new Z-Wave device that doesn’t seem to be in the database.

The Product is a Zooz ZSE33 Smart Chime
Here are the details that openHAB gives me. I’m running openHAB 2.1.0 and the latest snapshot of the zwave binding.

I would like to use this to chime when a door is open (and other notifications) and for alarms when the house is “armed” and tripped.

This is my first post, so sorry if I do not include needed information.

Here are some details:

I also have the logs if needed and documentation of any parameters needed and can include them here if needed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Information on adding devices to the database is here. If you want to register then let me know your login so I can update your access… If you create the device simply by uploading the XML in the first instance, this will be a good start.

I would suggest not to do more than this for a couple of days though as I’m currently in discussion with Zooz to get information on their parameters directly in a format that can be ingested into the database. This will hopefully save some work and be less error prone ;).

Excellent! Thanks @chris! I have created an account with the username Steven_Warren. It will be later today or tomorrow before I can upload the xml. (It’s at home. I’m at work)

@chris, registered and created username Steven_Warren. I’m now at home and have the node.xml. What do I need to do?


Sorry. Read the database guide. Answered my own question. Seems I don’t have access yet.


I’ve updated your access. If you go to the device list page, and click the menu button in the top right. Provide a name, and paste the XML into the box. Hopefully this should create the device.

@chris, Thanks so much. Entered the data.

Any other steps I need to take?


If you can upload a photo and a PDF of the manual in the reference docs section it would be good.

Does this device have a lot of parameters? If so I suggest to give it a day or so an see if Zooz send me data in machine readable form, and I’ll then write an importer. I expect they will send this although they said the first device they wanted adding was something else so I’ve also asked for the siren.

If it doesn’t have too many parameters then you might want to just add them by hand.

In any case I’ll likely do an update of the database tonight so you should at least be able to use the device after that even if configuration is limited.

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@chris Thanks so much for your work. I’ve uploaded a pdf of the user manual. The device only has 9 parameters. I’m looking at other devices to see if I’m capable of entering the data. It may actually take me longer to figure it out than Zooz to get back with you, but at least I’ll have the experience.

@chris The parameter settings were pretty straight forward for the most part. I have created all 9 parameters for it. If you don’t mind, give it a good check and make sure I didn’t screw something up. I tried to be as thorough as I could.

Thanks again for your hard work with the zwave stuff. Learning all of this is my hobby and passion!

Thanks - I’ll take a look tonight and hopefully update the binding.


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This should now be in the latest binding.

Tested the chime this morning. Works great! Thanks for your help. Now that I know the process, I don’t think I’ll be as worried buying a new ZWave gadget. :smiley: