Newbe . I want use homekit .. but i dont now how. Step by Step help is need

i use openHAB 2.2 on my Raspberry pi.
so i can use only the paper UI … for the other´s im to stupid :slight_smile: .
on paper ui i have add my netatmo weatherstation, my hue mit some light´s without any problems (paperui make a autoinstall of this items).
but now, i want use a google home and homekit for my apple devices.

i have homekit support install over paperui and under the config i write the ip adress from the raspberry .

but what is the next step. i habe try to add this in homekit. homekit see openhab2 and try to connect, but it do not work. i use google to search for this … and it give different step.

can you tell me please … step by step … and must i do ?
(and i must make a items file … i dont know how … can i use paper ui to automake this file ???).

Thank you so much !
(i use the openHABian v1.4)