Newbee: openHAB 2 tail shows MysqlPersistenceService error


On starting openHAB 2 (V2.4.0-1) I get MysqlPersistenceService error, tail shows:

[ERROR] [sql.internal.MysqlPersistenceService] - mySQL: Failed connecting to the SQL database using: driverClass=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver, url=jdbc:mysql://, user=xxyyzzz

java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException: CLIENT_PLUGIN_AUTH is required

What does that mean and how can I get rid of it?


Uhm… well if you don’t use MySQL just uninstall the persistence binding?..

People would like to help you, but you make it hard for us… please consider reading this

Maybe you need to add your password to mysql.cfg


sorry may I was not very clear in my 1st post.
What I want to know is how to solve the error ‘CLIENT_PLUGIN_AUTH is required’?
I need the mysql database to store my values like temperature sensors, humidity sensors etc…
The database server is a Western Digital MyCloud. The mySQL version on the MyCloud server is 5.1.56.
The problem is I cannot update the mySQL to a newer version because then my MyCloud would not work anymore because MyCloud uses the database as well as I understand.
Username and password are already set in jdbc.cfg.


I still need some help on this issue.
Any hint is appreciated.

Thanks a lot…

@mr.burns: Did you get the mySQL server running on your WD MyCloud with OH2? What was your solution? I’m trying the same and get the same error.

Thanks for your answer.

did you install the jar file too?

Which jar file? I used the PaperUI to add the persistance to OH2. No additional jar file should be needed.

I used this method to access mysql. And it works very well.

I read the documentation on my own and got the persistance already running with a mySQL server installed on a Raspi.

The initial issue was to use the mySQL server provided from a WD myCloud NAS. But this server uses the old version 5.1.56 which leads to authentication issues as described above. And no, the server on the NAS can’t be updated since it is also used by the NAS itself.

ok, I have Synology Nas, and had problems to connect with mysql
Using the jdbc driver with mysql (mariadb) , solved it, and runs very well…