Newbie adding items

I am brand new at this. I have got openhab running with a demo on windows and can access from android.

I thought I would start with something easy and configure my Panasonic tv.

I added the IP address in the cfg file and looking at the notes, added the following into an sitemap:

Frame label=“Name” {
Group item=PANASONIC label=“Rumpus TV” icon=“door-open”

And the following into the items

Switch RumpusTVPower “Power” {panasonictv=“Rumpus:POWER”}
Switch RumpusVolumeUp “Volume Up” {panasonictv=“Rumpus:VOLUP”}
Switch RumpusVolumeDown “Volume Down” {panasonictv=“Rumpus:VOLDOWN”}
Switch RumpusTVInput “TV input” {panasonictv=“Rumpus:TV”}

So I go to the sitemap and see a new group Name and I see an entry under it Rumpus TV. But when I click it I am taken to an empty list. I was assuming I should see each of the switch items from my items config.

Any help much appreciated.

  1. Just have your group be Group PANASONIC
  2. Put each of your items in the PANASONIC group
Switch RumpusTVPower "Power" (PANASONIC) {panasonictv="Rumpus:POWER"}
Switch RumpusVolumeUp "Volume Up" (PANASONIC) {panasonictv="Rumpus:VOLUP"}
Switch RumpusVolumeDown "Volume Down" (PANASONIC) {panasonictv="Rumpus:VOLDOWN"}
Switch RumpusTVInput "TV input" (PANASONIC) {panasonictv="Rumpus:TV"}

So easy - thank you

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