Newbie, Amazon Echo and Radio stations

Hi All

Bit of a newbie here, playing with OpenHab and loving it. I know this isn’t a helpdesk but I’m hoping that someone might offer me some advice. First caveat, I’m not at all into the coding side of things, I’m using the paper UI and Habpanel to create a nice touchscreen that I’ve got mounted on the wall.

I’ve got openhab running nicely with some decent integrations (Hue, my home CCTV cameras, Alexa, the nice traffic map widget etc) but am having problems with getting the Echo control to play some radio stations that I can get Alexa to play by speaking to my Echo device.

My first, hopefully not flawed assumption is that anything I can say to my Alexa device can be replicated using a command programmed to a button in Habpanel? Is this a correct assumption, and if so what channel do I select that will then let me write (what I would usually say to Alexa) in the Command Value box?

I’ve managed to program some buttons to play radio stations by selecting the playMusicVoiceCommand channel in the button but this only seems to work for some radio stations here in the UK.

It doesn’t allow me to select BBC Radio stations (which I assume might be some issue with TuneIn which doesn’t have BBC stations in anymore).

Also, SWR3 used to be available TuneIn, but isn’t available any more. I’ve managed to add a different Alexa skill (My Tuner Radio) that allows me to get SWR3 on my Echo device, and would hope that I could also program this to a button on Habpanel.

Any assistance you can offer to this newbie is much appreciated! :slight_smile: